DraftKings Perfect Lineup Week 7: A.J. Green big money winner

DraftKings Perfect Lineup Week 7 NFL aj green big money winner 2016 images

DraftKings Perfect Lineup Week 7: A.J. Green big money winner 2016 imagesHow’d you do in DFS for week seven in DraftKings NFL contests? Find perfection?

I did not. Not even close, but not a bad week. My scores are improving and my “sucker hunts” are going pretty well still, even though I was a sucker in a few H2H contests.

What did perfection look like on DraftKings this week? Check out the lineup below from Fantasysportsco.com. Hopefully, you had at least a few of these guys on your daily fantasy lineup.

draftkings week 7 perfect winners

Biggest Game Check – A.J. Green is not a bad pick on any given Sunday. When he’s up against a Browns defense that’s giving up 286 yards per game, he is a must. Just finding space to fit Green or whoever is facing Cleveland is the tough part. You could save money each week by drafting the Browns’ defense….but that would be the height of stupidity. Save salary cap money elsewhere people.

Space Maker – Jack Doyle is not a fictional character in an Elmore Leonard book. The Colts tight end is becoming a consistent threat. And his stock is rising on DraftKings, so you better use him before he is no longer the cheap / sexy pick. He’s already up $1000 for week eight.

andrew luck fantasy football winner

Stacks on StacksAndrew Luck racked up points each time he found Doyle in the perfect lineup. Between the two they only cost $9500, which was about what a Julio Jones would have cost by himself. Jones scored about one point less than just Luck, while Doyle added 29 DK points. This is how stacking can beat out superstar roster spots. Doyle’s not the obvious pick, but he was so cheap, it was a no-brainer to stack him with Luck against a bad defense.

Lucky Pick – Michael Thomas could disappear anytime right? Well, it doesn’t appear so. It looks like Drew Brees has found a go-to guy to feed every single time his Saints fall way behind (weekly). He’s been pretty consistent so far this year, but if you think he will get lucky versus Seattle next week, then you have a lot of faith in the rookie.

Defense wins $$ – Minnesota seems like a great defense to choose every week in fantasy land. But picking the defense facing the Vikings is not a bad play either. Sam Bradford has plenty of wins since going to Minnesota but has not done anything spectacular. And the Vikings skill players are no threat to go off in DFS or in the real world. Philly made the Vikes pay this week as they abused poor Bradford and caused 4 turnovers.

Scoring on special teams also made the Eagles the best non-offensive DFS pick this week.

Sure Thing plus a Value Pick – Mike Evans probably got his best night’s sleep of the season knowing he was facing the San Francisco defense. As long as Jameis Winston didn’t screw up too often, the monster WR was destined for the perfect lineup. The value pick was not as easy to find, but with hindsight being 20/20, Jay Ajayi is all the Dolphins have. What else are they gonna do each week? Let Tannehill throw the ball 45 times? That would be insanity. The Bills are 28th against the run, so use some foresight next week when checking out defenses versus position.

Bonus info: What was the point differential between the top DK performer and the number 10 guy? Let’s check it out.

QB – 12 DK points

RB – 16 DK points

WR – 17 DK points

TE – 14 DK points

DEF / ST – 15 points

There’s some key point differentials there. And we’re only talking from the best performer to the number ten guy. You might think just getting a top ten player will put you in the upper level of scores in your DK contests.

Yet you have to be a lot closer to perfection than you think, to win real cash on any DFS platform.