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2017 Fantasy Football busts: Dak Prescott, Andrew Luck top list

Who to avoid by all means with your 2017 Fantasy Football draft picks including Dak Prescott, Jarvis Landry, Andrew Luck and Carlos Hyde.

7 Things to watch out for on NFL Turkey Day aka Thanksgiving

If you can avoid being distracted by gallons of sweet tea, a giant bird carcass on your table, and something called “giblet gravy,” the NFL has a lot in store on the fattest Thursday of the year.

DraftKings Perfect Lineup Week 7: A.J. Green big money winner

Biggest Game Check - A.J. Green is not a bad pick on any given Sunday. When he’s up against a Browns defense that’s giving up 286 yards per game, he is a must. Just finding space to fit Green or whoever is facing Cleveland

NFL Winners & Losers Week 1: Broncos defense and Jimmy Garoppolo

Week one in the NFL is almost in the books. We just have a MNF doubleheader coming up and we can begin to get a feel for who the winners and losers will be for a few weeks.

Andrew Luck and Colts make NFL contract history

Andew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts made NFL history on Tuesday when it was announced that the team had signed quarterback Luck through the 2021 season.

Andrew Luck is back and ready for Colts NFL action

Andrew Luck may have missed several games last season, but the three-time Pro Bowler is back and raring for some Indianapolis Colts action.

NFL’s Best Quarterback & Running Back Duos of Season 2015

As anyone knows, the best NFL offense needs a great balance along with being in sync with each other and having the perfect quarterback and running back duo can make or break a season.

NFL Seems Content to Let Andrew Luck Investigation Die

With general manager Ryan Grigson already stacking cans at Walmart, the Indianapolis Colts seem well prepared to fire the rest of the big guys following Sunday’s game against the Tennessee Titans.

Matt Hasselbeck to Lead Indianapolis Colts with Andrew Luck Sidelined Again

If you asked me last week if Andrew Luck deserved to start over Matt Hasselbeck, I probably would have said no. Luck has been nothing but a liability to the Indianapolis Colts this season

Week 7 Results My 2015 Fantasy Football Blueprint: Watch Me Turn $100 into $0

If you have been paying close attention to my fantasy football blueprint over the past six weeks, you know it’s been an up and down process. You win some and you lose some like they say.

NFL Indepth Week 6 Recap & Fantasy Football Carnage

Like fumbles? Enjoy interceptions? Then this week's Monday Night Football episode was just right for you. I knew this game may suck going in with both teams being inconsistent this year. I was right.

Jameis Winston & Marcus Mariota Disappointing First Five NFL Games

Remember when Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, and Russell Wilson came out of the draft and each led his new team to the playoffs? Sure, that was a special year, but the rookie quarterback class of 2015—or at least their two most famous members, Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota—just wants, in the words of the great Jim Mora, to win a game.

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