NFL Winners & Losers Week 1: Broncos defense and Jimmy Garoppolo

nfl winners & losers week 1

NFL Winners & Losers Week 1: Broncos defense and Jimmy Garoppolo 2016 images

Week one in the NFL is almost in the books. We just have a MNF doubleheader coming up, and we can begin to get a feel for who the winners and losers will be for a few weeks.

After one week, we all like to act as though we know everything there is to know about the teams. Some idiots will be wanting to trade Tom Brady after Jimmy Garoppolo played well in his win over Arizona.

And other zealots think Darrelle Revis is done for after A.J. Green had a big day at the veteran cornerback’s expense.

Let’s not get carried away. Let’s settle down and take a look at the winners and losers from week one. Just remember that week two can flip the script as teams get their legs underneath them after a long preseason.

NFL Grown man of the week: Denver’s entire defense who proved that defense still matters in the NFL. They used the only tactic that works on Cam Newton…semi-legal violence.

Winner: Jameis Winston looked cool as a cucumber in the ATL as he threw touchdowns to everybody in the soon to be imploded Georgia Dome. The second-year QB had four touchdown passes to four different receivers and made it look like a mundane day at the office.

marcus mariota loser week

Loser: Marcus Mariota didn’t have it as good as his draft counterpart, “Famous Jameis.” Mariota imploded himself, as one turnover led to another. He tossed a pick then fumbled and was part of another fumble by his running back. That kind of play will pile up the losses for Tennessee once again in 2016 if he doesn’t get a handle on it.

victor cruz giants winner

Winner: It was good to see Victor Cruz get the winning score versus Dallas. This wideout was one of the best in the NFL four years ago. His injuries have kept him sidelined as ODB Jr. has taken over the spotlight in NY. If Cruz can stay healthy, the Giants will rack 30 points a game.

Loser: Russell Wilson got his 19th fourth quarter / overtime come from behind win on Sunday. That’s the good news. But the win over Miami could cost Wilson next week’s start if that ankle injury is serious enough.

Winner: Jack Del Rio “PLAYS TO WIN THE GAME,” to quote loud, but ineffective, coach Herm Edwards. He went for two versus the Saints, and it paid off with an opening day win for the Raiders. This team can and should make the playoffs this year with Derek Carr coming into his own as a top seven QB.

cam newton head hits

Loser: Cam Newton’s head and teeth. Cam played well against Denver, but he’s finding out how important defenses are in the NFL. He can’t beat Denver. And flossing his teeth on the bench is of no help. Maybe he was trying to tie those chicklets back together after some nasty hits. Dude best purchase and wear a mouthpiece.

jimmy garrapolo goes gay for patriots

Winner: Jimmy Garoppolo played the role of leader for the Patriots well. He did his job, and that’s all Belichick asks of his guys. He went 24/33 with no picks and threw for one score without Gronk to help. The fill-in quarterback was not playing the Saints defense either. Arizona is as good as there is in the League. Or maybe not, after losing to the Pats with no Brady, Gronk, and missing two O-line starters.

Loser: Keenan Allen looks to be hurt badly and will probably miss the remaining 2016 season. It is suspected that the Chargers wideout tore his ACL in a loss to the Chiefs. Injuries suck, especially just one game in.

Winner: Alex Smith is often called a game manager, but he can make big plays when put in a position to do so. His TD dive in overtime capped his franchise’s biggest comeback ever. Not bad for a “game manager.”

Loser: Drew Brees didn’t get a win on Sunday, but he proved to be a fantasy titan again. No matter how his team performs on defense, he is always near the top of fantasy leaders. 30 fantasy points on Sunday. It helps that he has no choice but air it out to compete with the opposing offense that has little trouble with the Saints so-called defense.

demarco murray winner

Winner: DeMarco Murray will need to play well every week to keep ahead of rookie RB Derrick Henry. Murray got a hot start on Sunday with two scores and was involved in the running game as well as the passing section of the game plan. Henry was a non-factor in this one.

Loser: Darrelle Revis admitted that he “didn’t have his best game.” An understatement indeed. He let A.J. Green go off for 180 yards on 12 catches. Green can make most CBs look bad, but Revis is supposed to be one of the best in class. The decline may have started, but he can still handle 90 percent of wideouts in this League.

Winner: Doug Baldwin looked good on Sunday, with a fresh contract in hand. He isn’t going to put up A.J. Green numbers, but he is clutch when it counts. He caught nine balls and scored the go-ahead TD with 31 ticks left against a game Miami team.

Loser: RGIII should have learned to slide while he had so much free time in Washington. He took a totally unnecessary hit versus Philly and now has a jacked up shoulder. He has had enough trouble as a passer, even with healthy limbs. Mix in some caution Robert.

andrew luck winner

Winner: Andrew Luck looked like the pre-2015 fantasy point factory as he tossed four touchdowns versus the Lions. Still, the Colts lost 39-35.

Week one still has two games left to go, but it has been a good start so far. Once again, the games are tight and often decided by the tiniest details or the tiniest guy on the team, the damn kicker. Just ask Carolina fans.