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Winners and Losers NFL Week 10: DeMarco Murray big winner

Some elite teams are falling by the wayside, while others are hitting their stride. Is your team on the rise or crashing worse than Hillary Clinton’s failed Presidential run?

NFL Winners & Losers Week 1: Broncos defense and Jimmy Garoppolo

Week one in the NFL is almost in the books. We just have a MNF doubleheader coming up and we can begin to get a feel for who the winners and losers will be for a few weeks.

Worst player on each NFL team 2015

It's that article that gets some football fans panties in a bunch, but here's our yearly round-up the least valuable player of each NFL team in 2015. This isn't a list based on personal biases or players attitudes or off-field antics either.

Fantasy Football Start Em Sit Em NFL Week 15: Drew Brees & DeMarco Murray

We’re in the homestretch of the NFL season, and for the majority of leagues, it’s coming down to the last few teams. If a chance at bragging right for the rest of the year can’t convenience you to set your lineup, I don’t know what will.

DeMarco Murray Done with Chip Kelly & Philadelphia Eagles

Things haven’t been pretty in running back DeMarco Murray’s nine months with the Philadelphia Eagles, but they may have hit a boiling point. Murray has now deemed Chip Kelly unapproachable

Fantasy Football Start Em & Sit Em NFL Week 13: CJ Anderson & DeMarco Murray

For many fantasy football leagues, this week is the last of the regular season. Playoffs are coming, and so it’s time to fight for that final win.

NFL Week 9 Recap

Roles have been reversed and now Carolina is the favorite to rep the NFC in the Super Bowl, not the Packers with their hobbled receiving corps.

Downhill for DeMarco Murray & Philadelphia Eagles

The first hole in the dam of the Philadelphia Eagles just spouted off with DeMarco Murray openly saying he is not getting enough touches in Chip Kelly’s offense. Murray didn’t go on a big T.O. type rant.

Philadelphia Eagles Start 0-2 & Offensive Backfield DeMarco Murray a Joke

After a 20-10 loss to the Dallas Cowboys Sunday, the preseason Super Bowl contender Philadelphia Eagles are now 0-2. So what’s wrong with them? When the Green Bay Packers started 0-2, Aaron Rodgers told everyone to “R-E-L-A-X. Relax,”

DeMarco Murray, Darren Sproles & Ryan Matthews Come Out Equal in Eagles Loss to Falcons

In a bit of a shocker and a great start to Monday Night Football, the Atlanta Falcons bested the 26-24.

Sam Bradford Top Comeback & Randall Cobb Gives Packers’ Fans Chest Pains

The Philadelphia Eagles and Green Bay Packers met Saturday, and Sam Bradford reminded the world that he actually was good at some point while locking his ballet for the Comeback Player of the Year Award.

NFL Bloopers: 5 Worst Mistakes of 2015 Offseason

There’s hundreds of transactions in any given NFL season. Most are just day-to-day movement of third-string players, calling up practice squad members, stuff like that. Only a handful of moves actually get any serious coverage

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