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NFL Bloopers: 5 Worst Mistakes of 2015 Offseason

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There’s hundreds of transactions in any given NFL season. Most are just day-to-day movement of third-string players, calling up practice squad members, stuff like that. Only a handful of moves actually get any serious coverage, either because they’re really good or just plain head-scratchingly stupid. Well, personally, I like to focus on the bloopers. So in the spirit of embarrassing your favorite team, here are the five worst transactions from the 2015 NFL Offseason (I promise the Jags will only be on here once):

  1. Philadelphia Eagles take a $40 million Roulette Spin on DeMarco Murray: Here’s an example of a transaction that was both praised and scrutinized at the same time. On the one hand, Chip Kelly brought in the 2014 NFL rushing leader. That’s good, especially after trading away LeSean McCoy. But, on the other hand, Kelly is bringing in a player that has had production and injury issues up until this past season. Oh, and he’s taking Murray away from the best offensive line in the NFL. Who knows, five months from now this may be switched over to the top five list; but until then $40 million ($18 million guaranteed) is a lot to throw at a player with only one great season under his belt.
  2. Cam Newton gets PAID: I guess I’m a little bias placing this one on the list because I’m outspokenly against huge contracts for quarterbacks that have not won a Super Bowl. At least Newton won a playoff game right? Well, one season after leading the Carolina Panthers to a 7-8-1 record, Newton will be making $30 million. Throwing money at a quarterback does NOT make him good (Colin Kaepernick, Jay Cutler, Andy Dalton). All it does is make it harder for him to succeed because the team has to lose out on other stars in order to pay him. Welcome to Club Salary Cap Issues, Carolina!
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars go on a (stupid) Spending Spree: It wouldn’t be a worst of the worst list without the Jags front office right?! Good thing for Green Bay Packers second-string cornerback Davon House, who received a four-year, $24.5 million contract with $10 million guaranteed. If you said “Davon who?” it’s probably because House has started 14 games in his four professional seasons. Well, the backup in a bad Packers’ secondary is getting paid like a starter now…but to be fair, he’ll more than likely be their best coverage back.
  4. Eagles Overspend Part II: Byron Maxwell: As the best cornerback on the market this offseason, Maxwell was destined to be overpaid; but the Eagles took it to a new level with a six-year, $63 million deal with $25Ms guaranteed. Sure, Maxwell is good; and he’ll do fine with the Eagles who desperately need the secondary help. The problem I have with this is that Maxwell has more guaranteed money than Joe Haden and Richard Sherman, which is almost ironic with Sherman being the main reason Maxwell’s ability has been so over-exaggerated the past few years.
  5. Drum Roll Please…..La’el Collins being passed up by all 32 NFL Franchises in the 2015 Draft: Yes, I’m counting this as a bad transaction by everyone (except the Dallas Cowboys who picked him up after the draft). I know, I promised the Jaguars would only be on here once, but just hear me out. Collins was a top five talent at offensive line, a safe pick, and an immediate upgrade to any team’s pass protection and rushing offense. Well, then he was brought in for questioning with regards to the murder of his ex-girlfriend. He wasn’t declared a suspect, and nothing ever came from it; but needless to say, that was a huge red flag for everyone. But c’mon. Some of these teams had double-digit numbers of picks, most late-round picks don’t even make the final roster, and still no one was willing to take a chance on the big fella? Even if he would have sat out, at least they would have kept him away from an already-stacked Cowboys offensive line.
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