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Donald Trump distracts again with Philadelphia Eagles ‘Patriotism’

Donald Trump's latest stunt of uninviting Super Bowl champions Philadelphia Eagles shows that he has become the arbiter of American patriotism or is he trying to distract from Paul Manafort's attempted witness tampering charges?

Tomi Lahren fails at Beyoncé race baiting attempt

Fox's Tomi Lahren continues race baiting but realized that trying it on Beyonce was a major fail.

NFL overcomes Donald Trump’s anthem protest war

NFL Players, Owners Discussed Social Issues Moving Beyond National Anthem Protests. Donald Trump not happy with results.

NFL players get hacked including Colin Kaepernick

NFL Players Association Hack Exposes Personal Information of Nearly 1,200 Players, Including Colin Kaepernick

Heroes and Zeros: Lt. General Jay B. Silveria vs American NFL Patriots

Lt. General Jay B. Silveria is our Hero of the weeks for staying up to condemn racism at a Colorado Springs U.S. Air Force Academy prep school and American NFL Patriots against anthem kneeling zero out for us this week.

NFL anthem standing now an expectation

NBA, Commissioner Adam Silver Expect All Players to Stand for National Anthem

Donald Trump sucks air out of NFL but unites teams

Donald Trump Makes the NFL More Political than Ever Before

Colin Kaepernick just waiting for an NFL team to bite

Free Agent Colin Kaepernick Breaks Silence: ‘I’m Ready Right Now’ with New York Daily News Shaun King.

Ray Lewis comment on Colin Kaepernick met with NFL silence

Ray Lewis Suggests Colin Kaepernick’s Girlfriend’s Racist Tweet may have Cost him Ravens Job

Seth DeValve takes a stand by taking a Colin Kaepernick kneel

There is no greater moment than right now for white people, who believe that the atrocities happening against people of color (POC) are wrong, to...

Colin Kaepernick finds a defender in Packers Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers Defends Colin Kaepernick, Says ‘Protests’ Kept Him Unsigned

NFL Roundup: Colin Kaepernick, Cam Newton plus Cutler looking good

NFL News: Colin Kaepernick still dividing people, Cam Newton steps up, Colts over before they begin, Seahawks beat Chiefs 26-13 while Carson Wentz and Jay Cutler are looking good for 2017 season.

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