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NFL Winners and Losers Week 17: Tom Brady, Matt Ryan Man Up

ou are not in the midst of a nightmare. The NFL regular season really did just wrap up. You can say goodbye to that smorgasbord of games each weekend. Remember how your railed against those horrific Thursday Night games?

Week 15 NFL Winners and Losers: Drew Brees fantasy week

We had some real losers this week as the NFL regular season winds down with just two weeks left. Wait, we have a ton of games set for Christmas Eve and two on Christmas Day!

49ers Chip Kelly not looking back

Chip Kelly ‘Not Looking’ Back to College Football as his NFL Stock Plummets

Bills smash 49ers 45-16 as Colin Kaepernick steps up

Fans and conspiracy theorists came up with reasons why San Francisco 49ers coach Chip Kelly chose to have Colin Kaepernick play against the Buffalo Bills, but as many expected, things blew up.

Latest Colin Kaepernick conspiracy theory hits with Chip Kelly

Is Chip Kelly Setting Colin Kaepernick Up to Fail?

Chip Kelly quiet but 49ers want Christian Ponder to start Week 6

Chip Kelly Not Naming Starter for Week 6 After Four Straight Loss, Players Want Christian Ponder

Blaine Gabbert vs Colin Kaepernick begins at 49ers training camp

Chip Kelly Opening Competition between Colin Kaepernick, Blaine Gabbert at 49ers Training Camp

Cleveland Browns looking likely to land Colin Kaepernick

Cleveland Browns Emerging Leaders Among Broncos, Jets, Others to Trade for Colin Kaepernick

Philadelphia Eagles Look to Purge the Chip Kelly Stain from the Franchise

It didn’t take long for the Philadelphia Eagles to cleanse the stain left on the franchise by head coach Chip Kelly.

Chip Kelly Gets Colin Kaepernick Jerseys off 49ers clearance rack

It’s all official in the Golden Gate City: Chip Kelly has been hired as the San Francisco 49ers head coach and quarterback Colin Kaepernick will be given a second chance to lead the Niners back to the Super Bowl.

Doug Pederson To Mend Chip Kelly’s work on Philadelphia Eagles

Now that Chip Kelly has been hired as the new coach for the San Francisco 49ers, Doug Pederson has been brought in the fix the Philadelphia Eagles which is a pretty tall order.

Chip Kelly a Great but Disastrous Head Coaching Choice for San Francisco 49ers

When Chip Kelly declared that he was determined to stay in the NFL after being fired by the Philadelphia Eagles, it was pretty clear that one of the other six teams still in need of a head coach for 2016 would give the collegiate offensive genius a second shot

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