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Donald Trump distracts again with Philadelphia Eagles ‘Patriotism’

Donald Trump's latest stunt of uninviting Super Bowl champions Philadelphia Eagles shows that he has become the arbiter of American patriotism or is he trying to distract from Paul Manafort's attempted witness tampering charges?

Eagles vs Patriots makes an unforgettable Super Bowl 52

Philadelphia Eagles Upset New England Patriots 41-33 in a Super Bowl with a Little Bit of Everything

Nick Foles leads Eagles to Super Bowl 52 victory against Tom Brady’s Patriots 41-33

Underdog quarterback Nick Foles leads the underdog Philadelphia Eagles to a Super Bowl 52 victory outdueling Patriots Tom Brady. What's next when franchise quarterback Carson Wentz takes back the quarterback helm next season?

Carson Wentz okay being Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader for Super Bowl

Carson Wentz may be going from an NFL MVP contender to Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader after his injury, but he's now helping Nick Foles and team get ready for Super Bowl 52 and those pesky New England Patriots.

Eagles biggest bets for Super Bowl 52, Roger Federer Australia Open history

Some heavy hitting betters thing the Philadelphia Eagles could be their big payday against the Patriots with Super Bowl 52 and Roger Federer has made history again with the Australian Open finals.

Eagles Alshon Jeffery 2017 Super Bowl prediction may come true

Philadelphia Eagles Alshon Jeffery Doubles Down on Super Bowl Promise: ‘Never Said a Team’

Eagles DeMeco Ryans suing Houston Texans

DeMeco Ryans Suing Houston Texans, NFL Over Torn Achilles on Terrible NRG Field

Carson Wentz shows NFL doubters they were wrong about him

Carson Wentz Impresses in NFL Regular Season Debut Against Browns Who Doubted Him

Minnesota Vikings pick up Quarterback Sam Bradford from Eagles

Quarterback Sam Bradford was more than ready to get traded out of the Philadelphia Eagles many months ago, but the team waited eight days before the season opener to grant him his wish.

Philadelphia Eagles Carson Wentz not ready for week one

Philadelphia Eagles No. 2 Overall Pick Carson Wentz Likely Won’t be Ready for Week One

Walter Thurmond adds to list of happy NFL retirements

It used to be that retiring from the NFL was a pretty sad affair. We all have terrible memories of our favorite player looking like a shell of his former self, playing in a different city.

Number 1 draft pick quarterback Jared Goff ready to get Ram tough

The top two 2016 NFL Draft picks are ready and raring to get going with their new teams. Jared Goff was picked up by the Los Angeles Rams and Carson Wentz is heading east for the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles are hoping to wipe slates and minds of the Chip Kelly era.

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