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Rams and Eagles make 2016 NFL Draft Year of the Quarterback again

With the last two Heisman Trophy winners going pro, the 2015 NFL Draft was a highly anticipated one. The story for months leading up to the NFL Draft was about where FSU quarterback Jameis Winston and Oregon QB Marcus Mariota will land.

Philadelphia Eagles Look to Purge the Chip Kelly Stain from the Franchise

It didn’t take long for the Philadelphia Eagles to cleanse the stain left on the franchise by head coach Chip Kelly.

Sam Bradford & Kirk Cousins continue grossly overpaid quarterback NFL tradition

Kirk Cousins, Sam Bradford Carry on the Tradition of Grossly Overpaid Quarterbacks

Buffalo Bills LeSean McCoy meets prosecutors over Philly bar fight

LeSean McCoy Meets with Prosecutors in Philadelphia, Buffalo Bills Prepare for Missed Time

Book Review: NFL Confidential True Confessions From the Gutter of Football & David Molk

Think you know the NFL? Well, you probably do. That is unless you're the type of fan that is too naive to see how cold a business it is in the National Football League.

Doug Pederson To Mend Chip Kelly’s work on Philadelphia Eagles

Now that Chip Kelly has been hired as the new coach for the San Francisco 49ers, Doug Pederson has been brought in the fix the Philadelphia Eagles which is a pretty tall order.

Chip Kelly a Great but Disastrous Head Coaching Choice for San Francisco 49ers

When Chip Kelly declared that he was determined to stay in the NFL after being fired by the Philadelphia Eagles, it was pretty clear that one of the other six teams still in need of a head coach for 2016 would give the collegiate offensive genius a second shot

Chip Kelly’s Implosion with Philadelphia Eagles

Well, we all knew it was coming. Although he may be an offensive genius and a fantastic college coach, Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly clearly isn’t the best personnel evaluator.

Philadelphia Eagles Oust Coach Chip Kelly

In a move that shocks no one, the Philadelphia Eagles have fired coach Chip Kelly, making an official announcement on their website on Tuesday. Fans and critics have been calling for this move for a long time

Fantasy Football Start Em Sit Em NFL Week 15: Drew Brees & DeMarco Murray

We’re in the homestretch of the NFL season, and for the majority of leagues, it’s coming down to the last few teams. If a chance at bragging right for the rest of the year can’t convenience you to set your lineup, I don’t know what will.

DeMarco Murray Done with Chip Kelly & Philadelphia Eagles

Things haven’t been pretty in running back DeMarco Murray’s nine months with the Philadelphia Eagles, but they may have hit a boiling point. Murray has now deemed Chip Kelly unapproachable

NFL Week 13 Indepth Review Recap

We all got to witness this amazing finish in primetime last Thursday night. The Packers were manhandled early on by Detroit but managed a big comeback after being down 20-0.

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