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NFL 2014 Week 16 Preview: College Football Over So NFL Rules Networks

College football is finally over, so the NFL gets to rule the entire weekend. Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday is now dedicated solely to NFL football. With five divisions up for grabs, it’s going to be a good week.

Top 10 Worst Behaved NFL Fans

This past week we got to witness the latest fan to go full blown jerk at an NFL game. The Bengals scored a touchdown and the receiver went to toss the ball to one of their fans. A Saints fan ripped the ball away that was clearly meant for a nice lady in Bengals attire.

NFL Week 11 Preview – Not Such An Exciting Week

The lineup this week isn’t exactly pretty, but football is football and I for one am still going to watch every game possible (even Minnesota vs. Chicago if it’s on). Maybe if two really bad teams play each other it’ll be a good game. Anyways, let’s take a look at Week 11:

NFL Week 10 Recap: Tony Romo Back & Johnny Manziel Worth It Plus NSFW Mark Sanchez Video

Is it just me....actually, don't need to ask....I know it seems like the season just started and yet here we are just six weeks away from the end of the regular season. Time flies when having fun (i.e. drinking beer and watching the NFL).

NFL Coaches Not Fond Of New Tricks

Coaches making millions don’t want pointed questions from $40,000 a year beat writers wanting to know why they didn’t take the safe field goal instead of going for six points.

Eagle’s Chip Kellys’ Strange Strange Ways

I am sure many of the Eagles players were surprised at all the strange techniques that Chip Kelly brought to the game. Unless a player had been with the Ducks in their college playing days

NFL Week 2 Game Previews 2015

Week One revealed a lot about many NFL teams—for example, the New England Patriots were vastly overrated;

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