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Fantasy Football Start Em & Sit Em NFL Week 13: CJ Anderson & DeMarco Murray

For many fantasy football leagues, this week is the last of the regular season. Playoffs are coming, and so it’s time to fight for that final win.

NFL Week 12 Indepth Review

All you need to know in this game is that Megatron lives and Matt Stafford figured that out. Detroit destroyed Philly on Thanksgiving Day and the Eagles are reeling after back to back weeks giving up 45.

NFL Week 11 Indepth Recap 2015

The Pats keep rolling despite star players dropping like sacks of potatoes. Danny Amendola did a good job of impersonating the injured Julian Edelman as #80 hauled in 9 balls for 117 yards.

Eagles Fans Want Chip Kelly Fired After Jameis Winston

No one said the NFL would be easy, and he knew that the Philadelphia Eagles have a historically difficult fan base to please, but Chip Kelly still took the job.

NFL Week 5 Indepth Review

Detroit is a train wreck. They were a hot team in the playoffs last year then a bad call got them bounced. Now it seems like that bad vibe just carried over to 2015.

Terrell Owens Can ‘Absolutely’ Help Philadelphia Eagles at 41

The Philadelphia Eagles aren’t exactly off to the best start. Chip Kelly’s experiment in messing with success probably won’t get this team back to the 10-6 record it’s enjoyed the past two seasons.

Downhill for DeMarco Murray & Philadelphia Eagles

The first hole in the dam of the Philadelphia Eagles just spouted off with DeMarco Murray openly saying he is not getting enough touches in Chip Kelly’s offense. Murray didn’t go on a big T.O. type rant.

NFL Week 3 Indepth Recap 2015

Even a big day from the League's deadliest old man receiver Steve Smith was not enough to get Baltimore over the hump. Cincinnati had big games from its two best players, Dalton and Green.

Philadelphia Eagles Start 0-2 & Offensive Backfield DeMarco Murray a Joke

After a 20-10 loss to the Dallas Cowboys Sunday, the preseason Super Bowl contender Philadelphia Eagles are now 0-2. So what’s wrong with them? When the Green Bay Packers started 0-2, Aaron Rodgers told everyone to “R-E-L-A-X. Relax,”

Atlanta Falcons Week 1 Indepth NFL Recap

The Atlanta Falcons looked like world beaters at times, then faded to shades of the past two years. The bottom line is that they got the win at home. A loss to open up the year in their own building would have set a bad tone going forward, especially in Dan Quinn’s debut.

DeMarco Murray, Darren Sproles & Ryan Matthews Come Out Equal in Eagles Loss to Falcons

In a bit of a shocker and a great start to Monday Night Football, the Atlanta Falcons bested the 26-24.

Tim Tebow Eagles Cut: 7 Reasons why it’s OK

Tim Tebow's NFL career has hit another wall. The latest team to tell the former Heisman winner and all around good guy to hit the road was the Philadelphia Eagles. Even the mad ‘x and o’ scientist Chip Kelly couldn't come up with a formula that would make use of Tim Tebow's abilities.

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