NFL 2014 Week 16 Preview: College Football Over So NFL Rules Networks

2014 nfl season previews week 15

2014 nfl season previews week 15

College football is finally over, so the NFL gets to rule the entire weekend. Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday is now dedicated solely to NFL football. With five divisions up for grabs, it’s going to be a good week. Here’s Week 16:

Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins: The Eagles really missed their chance to put away the division last week by losing to the Cowboys at home, but fortunately for Philly fans the Redskins can’t beat anybody. Eagles win.

San Diego Chargers at San Francisco 49ers: It doesn’t look like either of these teams will be making the playoffs, and honestly both seem to have given up. Normally in situations like this, the home team gets the win. In this case, at least the Chargers won’t have a long trip home. 49ers win.

Minnesota Vikings at Miami Dolphins: The Vikings almost upset the Detroit Lions last week, whereas the Dolphins have been in a decline all season. Ryan Tannehill and Joe Philbin should have one more win in them before Philbin is most likely fired. Dolphins win.

Green Bay Packers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers: After losing to the Bills last week, the Packers are desperately looking to bound back and win their division. Fortunately, they play the Bucs who aren’t really a threat to upset anybody. Packers win.

Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears: Jay Cutler has FINALLY been benched. Jimmy Clausen isn’t exactly a good quarterback by my standards (or many people’s for that matter), but literally anyone is better than Cutler. Either way the Bears are just a bad team. Lions win.

Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints: The winner of this game is pretty much guaranteed the coveted NFC South crown. The winner of the NFC South is no doubt on track to a Super Bowl victory. Lol, maybe not. Well either way the Saints are coming off a win and the Falcons are looking good, but against their biggest rivals in the Super Dome the Saints should finally get it done. Saints win.

New England Patriots at New York Jets: The Patriots will sure miss beating Rex Ryan, but there is nothing he would like to do more than go out with a victory over the Patriots. The Jets would have no problem if they were just playing Tom Brady, but Rob Gronkowski is too good. Patriots win.

Kansas City Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers: Here is another game where home field advantage is going to play a huge role. The Steelers and Chiefs are pretty even, but in front of their home crowd the Steelers have the edge in this one. Steelers win.

Cleveland Browns at Carolina Panthers: Johnny Manziel is still starting as far as I know, which I still stand by as the right decision. Unfortunately, Mike Pettine seems to be trying to screw the young man over (probably because Manziel is more famous than him). The Panthers are clinging to their division hopes, and at home that’s enough to win. Panthers win.

Baltimore Ravens at Houston Texans: I feel bad for J.J. Watt, Arian Foster, and Andre Johnson. Tom Savage is now the starting quarterback, the Texans wasted their first overall pick on a huge bust, and now they’re going to lose at home again, this time to the Ravens. Ravens win.

New York Giants at St. Louis Rams: Even though neither team is making the playoffs, Tom Coughlin and Jeff Fisher still have their teams fighting hard. This is another game where home field comes into play. Fisher and Coughlin should both be safe if football makes sense. Rams win.

Buffalo Bills at Oakland Raiders: The Bills look fantastic on defense, and they’re coming off a huge victory over the Packers. The Raiders are improving, but Derek Carr is still no good. Mario Williams and company should have some fun. Bills win.

Indianapolis Colts at Dallas Cowboys: Both teams are 10-4, but Dallas is the only team that has been earning impressive victories this season. The Cowboys beat Philadelphia, the Colts struggled against the Jaguars. Andrew Luck isn’t even close to Peyton Manning, let’s get that through your head, America. Cowboys win.

Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals: This game will decided the first seed in the NFC. The Cardinals are 11-3 right now, but with Ryan Lindley starting they aren’t exactly earning the respect of their peers in the NFL. The Cardinals now have to rely on their defense, which is pretty strong. The Seahawks of course are relying on their defense as always. Russell Wilson and Lindley are pretty much the same, except Wilson can run and has a better defense. Well, here’s the biggest win of the year in the NFC West: the Cardinals rally around each other to upset the Seahawks. Cardinals win.

Denver Broncos at Cincinnati Bengals: Two teams in the AFC are for real, and the Denver Broncos are one of them. The Bengals are not by any means. The Bengals don’t have the offense to hang with most teams in the NFL. Peyton Manning is starting to get the running game going in Denver, and he looked great while sick so if he’s healthy this week the Bengals have no chance. Broncos win.