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Los Angeles Rams Destined For Memorable 2018/19 NFL Season?

Suddenly the Los Angeles Rams have become the NFL team to watch to hit Super Bowl 2019 and the offensive team of Jared Godd and Todd Gurley could make this wish into a reality.

Drew Brees feels Thursday Night Football cost Saints Division win

Drew Brees Blames Slew of Thursday Night Injuries on Costing New Orleans Saints a Division Win in Atlanta Falcons game.

NFL Roundup: Chargers beat Rams, Falcons lose and Andy Dalton looks good

NFL News: Andy Dalton look good for Bengals, Texans move inland from Hurrican Harvey, Chargers beat Rams, Broncos beat Packers 20-17, Falcons lose 24-14 and Jets take Terrence Brooks.

Falcons Matt Ryan pulls back on Kyle Shanahan Super Bowl comments

Matt Ryan Walks Back Earlier Comments on Kyle Shanahan’s Super Bowl Play Calling

Kyle Shanahan has no Super Bowl regrets

Kyle Shanahan Doesn’t Regret his Super Bowl Calls Despite Second-Guessing Some of Them

Chances for Atlanta Falcons to Rise up in 2017

The Atlanta Falcons will never get a better look at winning a Super Bowl than they had against the New England Patriots. Does that mean they will never win that damn Lombardi Trophy

Atlanta Falcons fans deal with Patriots Super Bowl 51 win

Right about now would be a good time for Atlanta Falcons fans to take up another passion project. Never before has it hurt so much to be an Atlanta sports fan. Never.

NFL betting records broken with Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl 51

Super Bowl 51 is just about to air, but you can bet those bets will be taken all the way up to opening kickoff. Doubts have risen highly about backing the New England Patriots as a three-point favorite

Wanna watch Super Bowl 51 online? You’re guide to how

So you've unplugged from the evil Comcast Xfinity empire, but are dying to see the New England Patriots pound it out with the Atlanta Falcons or just want to see Lady Gaga doing her Super Bowl 51 spectacle

Atlanta Falcons great for Bandwagon Fans: Super Bowl 51

The ATL is welcoming any and all NFL bandwagon jumpers. If your team failed to make much happen in 2016, no problem. Jump on board with Matty Ice and company. Julio Jones is not a bad guy to align yourself with for just one game to wrap the NFL season up.

What kind of People don’t watch the Super Bowl?

While most of the world watches Tom Brady and Matt Ryan in Super Bowl 51, some people won’t be tuning in at all. Shocking I know. Not everyone is into NFL football believe it or not.

Matt Ryan vs. Tom Brady: Super Bowl 51

Super Bowl 51 has dream matchups galore, not the least of which being Tom Brady vs. Matt Ryan. While everyone is looking forward to Julio Jones versus Malcolm Butler and Dan Quinn matching wits with Bill Belichick, we have to start with the QBs.

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