Atlanta Falcons fans deal with Patriots Super Bowl 51 win

atlanta falcons fans deal with new england patriots super bowl 51 win 2017 images

Atlanta Falcons fans deal with Patriots Super Bowl 51 win 2017 images

Right about now would be a good time for Atlanta Falcons fans to take up another passion project.

Never before has it hurt so much to be an Atlanta sports fan.


New England gets their fifth Super Bowl Trophy in a completely unbelievable comeback.  Brady is the best ever if you didn’t realize that beforehand.  As is Bill Belichick.

Congrats…..I guess.

I’m bitter just minutes after the ending of Super Bowl 51, but the fact is that the last two rings were just handed to the Pats.

Pete Carroll gave Seattle’s ring away on one play. Dan Quinn gave Atlanta’s ring away with a loose defense in the second half.

I’m not mad at Matt Ryan for taking a sack when the MVP should know to throw the ball away to stay in FG range with under five minutes left in the game.

I’m sad for Ryan who will be crucified on local talk radio on Monday.

I’m not mad at Devonta Freeman for letting the defender blow up Ryan on the fumble that allowed the Pats back in the game in the first place.

I’m sad for Freeman who was as valuable as any Falcon in 2016.

I’m not even angry about the holding call on Mathews that knocked Atlanta out of field goal range near the end of the fourth.

I’m sad for the O-line who played their asses off all year, making an MVP trophy possible for Matty Ice.

BTW Ryan looked anything but chill on the sidelines in the fourth quarter.

The biggest city in the south will wake up tomorrow once again as a loser. I’m sad to say that, but damn if it isn’t true.

I’m sad for the all the fans who have a bad taste in their mouths right before bedtime.  I’m doubling up on Listerine myself (out of beer anyway).

Mostly I’m sad for the players and coaches who worked so hard all year. All that grinding. All the brotherhood talk and belief. All the playing through injuries.

And then to have the greatest NFL franchise in history on the damn ropes, only to let them creep back into the game and rip your trophy.


Now Atlanta will be the butt of jokes for the entire week.

Even worse, I don’t believe the franchise can make a comeback from this ridiculous choke job.

This was the worst meltdown in Super Bowl history. Arthur Blank had all but started his victory dance.

Then it all went away.

Did Matt Ryan even play in the fourth quarter?

Did Kyle Shanahan not realize they could have simply ran the clock out after they went up 28-3?

Did Dan Quinn forget he preached “attack” and “aggression” all year long?

Again, I’m not mad at the coaches or players.  Just sad for them.

I’m of course selfishly sad for myself as well. This disgusting feeling is why I don’t have much loyalty when it comes to sports.

Too painful.

My Super Bowl experience wrapped up with my grandfather asking me who won the game. He cares nothing about sports at all.

Yet he knows how I feel about the Falcons.

His totally sincere response when I told him my team lost……..”I’m sorry.”Me too Pop. Me too.

Me too Pop. Me too.