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Alex Smith trade shakes up NFL with Redskins talking Kirk Cousins tag

Washington Redskins Alex Smith Trade Shakes Up NFL, Sends Kirk Cousins to Free Agency, but the team may want to have a say where he lands next with a franchise tag.

Kirk Cousins payday could make him highest in NFL

Could Kirk Cousins be the Highest Paid Player in the NFL for the 2017 Season?

Dez Bryant vs Josh Norman intensifies after latest Cowboys victory

Dez Bryant Goes After Josh Norman Immediately Following Cowboys Thanksgiving Victory

Brett Favre gives Kirk Cousins big love over Packers win

After a defining 42-24 victory over the Green Bay Packers, the Washington Redskins and quarterback Kirk Cousins started to earn some respect around the National Football League.

Josh Norman confused by NFL celebration rules

Washington’s Josh Norman is no stranger to NFL fines. His altercation with Odell Beckham Jr. last year cost him a few bucks. And this year, his bow and arrow act on the field after a big play has gotten him fined as well.

Josh Norman spills on Panthers, Odell Beckham Jr and Goodell

Josh Norman Sounds Off on Carolina Panthers, Roger Goodell, and Odell Beckham Jr

Josh Norman Talking way into Spotlight in 2016

Josh Norman played and talked his way into the spotlight in 2015. It was a breakout year for the cornerback at just the right time, just as his contract with Carolina was about to expire.

Redskins Kirk Cousins seeking help in all the right places

Just because Kirk Cousins is taking the time to get advice from his quarterbacking peers does not guarantee that he'll have a hall of fame career.

Eli Manning: Odell Beckham Jr learned lesson with Josh Norman hit

Eli Manning Feels Odell Beckham Jr. has Learned his Lesson as Josh Norman Signs with NFC East Rival Washington Redskins

Josh Norman monster Redskins contract after Panthers rescind franchise tag

It didn't take Josh Norman long to land a massive deal after the Carolina Panthers rescinded their franchise tag making him a free agent. Norman had eight other teams interested, and the Washington Redskins have agreed to pay $36.5 million

2016 NFL Schedule Reveals Some of the Best Revenge Games in Recent Years

Sweet, sweet revenge. There’s nothing more enjoyable to watch in the sport of football than a disgruntled wide receiver coming back to haunt his old team after a controversial trade or a quarterback reminding his former home why they had him in the first place.

Sam Bradford & Kirk Cousins continue grossly overpaid quarterback NFL tradition

Kirk Cousins, Sam Bradford Carry on the Tradition of Grossly Overpaid Quarterbacks

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