Eli Manning: Odell Beckham Jr learned lesson with Josh Norman hit

eli manning odell beckham jr learned lesson with josh norman 2016 images

eli manning odell beckham jr learned lesson with josh norman 2016 images

Eli Manning Feels Odell Beckham Jr. has Learned his Lesson as Josh Norman Signs with NFC East Rival Washington Redskins

Odell Beckham Jr. and Josh Norman got into a bit of a scuffle this past season when the Carolina Panthers visited the New York Giants. You may have heard about it. In fact, you probably heard about it until the playoffs started up.

Well, now you have to hear about it again after Josh Norman, who was somewhat surprisingly freed up by the Panthers last week, signed a five-year, $75 million with the Giants NFC East rival Washington Redskins—effectively guaranteeing us two OBJ-Norman matchups a season.

Obviously, the NFL, the coaches, and the referees learned from their mistakes, and they would never let such a situation of multiple personal fouls and fights break out again without an ejection. Giants quarterback Eli Manning also feels Beckham has learned his lesson after the debacle.

“He made a mistake last year, and he kind of started playing not team football,” said the lone-remaining Manning in the NFL. “He was more about himself or more about kind of the individual battle between he and Josh and that’s not what football’s about…I think he understands you can’t get away with that; you can’t do it. It’s bad for the team, bad for him, bad for football.”

The Giants lost that matchup 38-35 and Beckham was suspended for one week as a result. I would imagine he did quite a bit of running that week.

The Giants host the Redskins Week 3 this season, so we’ll find out early enough whether or not Beckham and Norman can be civil on the same field.

eli manning find with odell beckham jr now

“I don’t think we’re going to make a big deal about it. [Norman is] a good player, but when you’re game planning against Washington we’ve got ten other guys to worry about. We’ve got to worry about doing our part. It’s not going to be a battle between Odell and Josh. We’ve got to be sure not to make it a bigger deal, and so it doesn’t escalate into something that’s not about football.”

In other words, it’s an enormous deal, but we don’t want to think they have to fight, so we’re going to ignore it as much as possible. You know Norman will be assigned to Beckham, but I would imagine as little as a shove after the whistle will be enough to throw both players out this go round.