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Rachel Roy and Piers Morgan meet Beyhive while Kim Kardashian spills sour Lemonade

Rachel Roy and Piers Morgan meet Beyhive while Kim Kardashian spills sour Lemonade

rachel roy and piers morgan meet the beyhive 2016 gossip

Beyonce got the week started with plenty of people talking. Naturally a couple like Rachel Roy and Piers Morgan tried raining on her latest masterpiece, but they met the Beyhive. Then poor Rachel Ray got confused with Rachel Roy, so that led to some confusion, but least of all the deluded Kim Kardashian tried to ride Beyonce’s Lemonade coattails with pics of her and Kanye West. Guess who was the most paid attention to celebrity.

Rachel Roy and Piers Morgan meet the Beyhive

When are people going to realize that you cannot come for Beyoncé? I mean, the girl could slap a baby in the face, and the Beyhive will still defend her actions. It’s no secret that Lemonade, her new visual album, is making waves after its HBO premiere. And there is no one feeling the heat in the wake of the “Becky with the good hair” lyric than Rachel Roy.

Roy, Damon Dash’ ex- wife, is believed to be the woman Beyoncé is referring to in the song Sorry (others also accuse Rita Ora of being “Becky”). Things really heated up for Roy after she posted a picture to Instagram with a caption that said,

“Good hair don’t care, but we will take good lighting for selfies, or self-truths, always. Live in the light. #nodramaqueens.”

Since then, she has been dragged, do you hear me, on social media, which lead her, to post,

“I respect love, marriages, families and strength… What shouldn’t be tolerated by anyone, no matter what is bullying, of any kind.”

Now, it looks like Roy is hiding from the Beyhive. She pulled out of a scheduled event Monday, April 25th because of a “personal emergency.” She was expected to speak at a seminar, Mastering Your Metier, in New York City. The event is for creative industries professionals (Roy is a fashion designer) and is organized by NeueHouse. An event rep told US Weekly,

“Due to a personal emergency, Rachel Roy has had to cancel this evening’s event. Our apologies for any inconvenience.”

According to a source, per Hollywood Life, Roy is indeed who Beyoncé is referring to, and claims “Becky” is her nickname for the designer.

“Rachel is so upset that she was called out and had to make her Instagram private from all the backlash.”

Oh, this is getting good ya’ll.

Then Brit journalist Piers Morgan (the one with the failed CNN talk show) slammed Beyonce in the Daily Mail for her new direction. He alluded that it was for commercial reasons and that the women in her video holding pictures of their dead loved ones were being used.

His exact comment was:

“I have huge personal sympathy for both women, and there is no doubt that African-Americans have been treated appallingly by certain rogue elements within the country’s police forces. But I felt very uneasy watching these women being used in this way to sell an album. It smacks of shameless exploitation.”

Piers seems to yearn for a Beyonce from yesteryear forgetting that artists grow and stretch. He’s also forgotten that true art can sometimes make us uncomfortable as a mirror is being held in front of our faces.

He went on to say:

“The new Beyoncé wants to be seen as a black woman political activist first and foremost, entertainer and musician second. I still think she’s a wonderful singer and performer, and some of the music on Lemonade is fantastic. But I have to be honest, I preferred the old Beyoncé. The less inflammatory, agitating one. The one who didn’t use grieving mothers to shift records and further fill her already massively enriched purse. The one who didn’t play the race card so deliberately and to my mind, unnecessarily. The one who wanted to be judged on her stupendous talent not her skin color, and wanted us all to do the same.”

So you can imagine how many hours he spent on Monday trying to defend his priggish beliefs that Beyonce needs to go back in time when she wasn’t so threatening, I guess.

beyonce fans get wrong rachel 2016 gossip

A Case of the Rachels… Social Media Comes for the Wrong One

 Speaking of Beyoncé and Lemonade and “Becky,” social media got it wrong when a lot of people thought the accused home wrecker was cooking mogul Rachel Ray. I know it shouldn’t be funny, but it is hilarious. Some of the reactions to the “wrong Rachel” are classic.

One Twitter user said,

“I thought Jay cheated with Rachel Ray cooking hoe I was about to lose my mind.”

Another one denounced the cooking show host and her food.

“Never watching ur show again Rachel u r a homewrecker.”

Of course, it’s all a big misunderstanding but one that could have possibility done some damage to Ray’s brand. People have since realized it is Rachel Roy. In true Beyhive fashion, supporters quickly rectified their mistake and sent all of their negative energy, comments and even threats in Roy’s direction.

One fan wrote on a picture of Ray’s pulled beef slider topped with veggies,

“As part of the Beyhive committee, I would like to apologize to you Ms. Ray for the inconvenience.”

Another unapologetically admitted,

“I was about to drag Rachel Ray until I noticed it said Rachel ROY. now someone, please tell me who tf this is.”

These people are not playing any games. Since Lemonade’s airing, Roy has set her social media accounts to private.

kim kardashian sips on some bitter lemonade 2016 gossip

Kim Kardashian Fall Flat… Tried to Take Beyoncé’s Lemonade

Is everybody in competition with Bey? This must be what it feels like to be the “it” girl all four years of high school. We all know that Kim Kardashian is an attention whore. I mean she has built an entire empire on it and has done quite well for herself. Well, during the broadcast of Lemonade, she posted her typical “look at me, I have a big fake ass” pictures. In fact, she posted a bunch of pictures that didn’t really make sense. While everyone was engrossed in what Bey had to say, Kim was trying to steal her thunder. But people were not checking for her, especially the Beyhive.

One person tweeted,

“@KimKardashian everything isn’t about U or UR husband! Today is about ‪@Beyonce & ‪#LEMONADE and ‪#BlackGirlMagic.”

Another user said,

“Can someone explain what ‪@KimKardashian is doing on Twitter right now? Doesn’t she know everyone is concerned with ‪#LEMONADE.”

During her weird series of posts, she was even likened to the lowest of discount stores.

“Kim Kardashian once again proving why she’s Dollar Tree and Bey is Target. ‪#Lemonade”

This is what happens when you go off your assets and lack real talent. Just cool it Kim.


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