Chloe Moretz takes Brooklyn Beckham off market and Rachel Roy cancels event after Beyhive stings

chloe moretz takes brooklyn beckham off market 2016 gossip

chloe moretz takes brooklyn beckham off market 2016 gossip

Sorry ladies, up-and-coming Hollywood heartthrob (and son of David and Victoria Beckham) Brooklyn appears to be officially off the market. Back in 2014, many people speculated that Brooklyn (who was then 15) was romantically linked to young actress Chloe Grace Moretz (who was 17 at the time). However, after attending a few events together, their supposed romance died down. The two proceeded to turn their focus on their personal careers, as Brooklyn continued to take over the modeling world while Chloe went on to appear in numerous star-studded movies.

Now, 2 years later, Brooklyn is yet again sparking romance rumors as he recently posted a picture of himself getting notably close with Chloe. In the Instagram post, Brooklyn is seen casually posing for a mirror picture, as he rests his arm on Chloe’s shoulder.

Brooklyn Beckham, Instagram post:

brooklyn beckham wiht chloe moretz 2016 gossip

Shortly after, Chloe also hinted at a romance, as she posted a black and white photo of her holding hands with someone. Inevitably, many followers presumed that the other hand in the photo was Brooklyn’s.

Chloe Grace Moretz, Instagram post:

chloe moretz images with brooklyn beckham

On Monday, Chloe and Brooklyn were also showing affection for each other. Brooklyn visited Chloe in London, where she is filming a live-action remake of Disney’s The Little Mermaid. The two were photographed cuddling up, as they lounged in the backseat of their car.

Just a few days ago Chloe posted an Instagram post with the caption, “Just a mermaid…making her way to London…to find her prince…” – which seems to be precisely what she did!

Chloe Grace Moretz, Instagram post:

chlore moretz in new york walk

While the debut of Lemonade was a big success for Beyoncé, fashion designer Rachel Roy hasn’t been so fortunate. Bey’s latest visual album (which debuted on HBO last Saturday) featured a song titled “Sorry,” which referenced her being cheated on by her lover. This prompted many to believe that Beyoncé was talking about the rumor from a while ago that claimed Rachel had gotten too-close-for-comfort with her man, Jay-Z.

rachel roy cancels event after beyhive stings 2016 gossip

Unfortunately, the ample backlash that Rachel has received from Beyoncé’s incredibly loyal fan base, “The Beehive,” has taken a toll on the designer. She was scheduled to appear at the “Master Your Métier” event in New York on Monday. However, she canceled last minute.  According to Buzzfeed, those who were planning to attend the NeueHouse-sponsored event received an email stating:

“Due to a personal emergency, Rachel Roy has had to cancel this evening’s event. Our apologies for any inconvenience.”

Not surprisingly, Rachel has refrained from revealing any details regarding the nature of her “personal emergency.” However, it has inevitably led most to believe that it has to do with the latest scandal that has arisen following the airing of Lemonade.

rachel roy tweets on beyonce

Hopefully, Rachel can figure things out, as it will be quite some time before “The Beehive” gives up on defending their Queen (Bey).