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Josh Norman’s ‘bow and arrow’ being victimized by NFL

Josh Norman Feels Victimized Once Again by NFL

Dez Bryant vs Josh Norman intensifies after latest Cowboys victory

Dez Bryant Goes After Josh Norman Immediately Following Cowboys Thanksgiving Victory

Josh Norman learns proper NFL insulting from Jay Glazer

Jay Glazer Teaches Josh Norman the Proper Way to Insult Officials in the NFL

NFL Winners and Losers week 7: Jay Ajayi makes Grown Man of the Week

NFL Grown Man of the Week: Jay Ajayi has found himself lighting up defenses after finally getting the workload set solely on his shoulders. Ajayi is in rare company after racking up back to back 200 yard games.

Josh Norman confused by NFL celebration rules

Washington’s Josh Norman is no stranger to NFL fines. His altercation with Odell Beckham Jr. last year cost him a few bucks. And this year, his bow and arrow act on the field after a big play has gotten him fined as well.

Josh Norman spills on Panthers, Odell Beckham Jr and Goodell

Josh Norman Sounds Off on Carolina Panthers, Roger Goodell, and Odell Beckham Jr

Josh Norman Talking way into Spotlight in 2016

Josh Norman played and talked his way into the spotlight in 2015. It was a breakout year for the cornerback at just the right time, just as his contract with Carolina was about to expire.

Eli Manning: Odell Beckham Jr learned lesson with Josh Norman hit

Eli Manning Feels Odell Beckham Jr. has Learned his Lesson as Josh Norman Signs with NFC East Rival Washington Redskins

Josh Norman monster Redskins contract after Panthers rescind franchise tag

It didn't take Josh Norman long to land a massive deal after the Carolina Panthers rescinded their franchise tag making him a free agent. Norman had eight other teams interested, and the Washington Redskins have agreed to pay $36.5 million

NFL changes rules including ‘horse collar tackles’ for 2016

NFL Owners Approve Stricter Horse Collar Rules Among Other Changes, Leave Personal Foul Ejections on Table

Roger Goodell’s NFL Ejection Proposal not ready for Primetime

Like it or not, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is all about safety. That’s just how it is nowadays with all the concussion issues and health scares floating around the sport.

Von Miller & Josh Norman Set to Cash In Big in 2016

While the biggest story of Super Bowl 50 so far seems to be 2011 No. 1 overall draft pick Cam Newton vs. No. 2 overall Von Miller, it’s hard to ignore the battle between two of the best defensive players in the game today

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