NFL Winners and Losers week 7: Jay Ajayi makes Grown Man of the Week

nfl winners and losers week 7 jay ajayi makes grown man of the week 2016 images

NFL Winners and Losers week 7: Jay Ajayi makes Grown Man of the Week 2016 images

Lots went down in week seven NFL action. A team tasted defeat for the first time, and one team will be getting crushed nationally by the TV media for a tough home loss.

I witnessed the latter event live, and it pretty much sucked. whatever talk the Falcons get in regards to being “exposed” is deserved.

Now for all the winners and losers from week seven.

NFL Grown Man of the Week: Jay Ajayi has found himself lighting up defenses after finally getting the workload set solely on his shoulders. Ajayi is in rare company after racking up back to back 200-yard games. Something only O.J. Simpson, Earl Campbell, and Ricky Williams had done previously. 200 yards in the NFL is no joke and could lead to this kid signing a big contract when time comes. Or he could be a flash in the pan as we saw with the Pats’ Jonas Gray last year.

Winner: Michael Crabtree is anything but a “sorry receiver” as he was once glossed by Richard Sherman. He has 6 touchdowns on the year after helping Oakland to another win on Sunday.

Loser: Buffalo was on a roll, but like most Rex Ryan teams over the years, these Bills are not consistent. Shady McCoy being banged up limited him to just 8 carries for a mere 11 yards. The Bills go how their best player goes, so they went down to a bad Miami team who has now found their best player in Jay Ajayi.

Winner: Mike Evans had a big day for the Bucs, as Tampa trounced the Niners 34-17. Evans was playing against the worst team in the League of course, as evidenced by his teammate “Quiz” Rodgers having 154 yards rushing. He a third stringer.

Loser: San Francisco is a disaster and a decade from now, the decision to fire Jim Harbaugh will be shown as the starting point of the demise of a once proud franchise. Good Luck Chip Kelly after you are fired at the end of 2017.

rob gronkowski patriots win

Winner: Gronk helped the Patriots to a 6-1 mark, the best in the NFL. He imposed his will on the Steelers defense all day long. He only needed four targets to get four catches, totaling 93 yards and a score. Pittsburgh was game despite going at it without Ben Roethlisberger.

Loser: Tevin Coleman got hurt in the third quarter versus the Chargers, and the Falcons suffered for it. They still moved the ball but were missing a key cog in their offensive machine. If Coleman stays in, maybe the Birds hang on for the win in the Georgia Dome. Still, the guy doesn’t play defense so….

Winner: Philip Rivers is a hell of a quarterback. He doesn’t have a lot to work with and still manages to keep his team close. They have been competitive this year despite a major injury at WR to start the season. Their 2-4 record was deceiving going into the ATL. Rivers knows how to get rid of the ball in a hurry and doesn’t take the abuse that his counterpart, Matt Ryan does.

Loser: Matt Ryan threw a crucial interception late in the game versus San Diego. I’m all for forcing the ball to Julio Jones as often as possible. Just not when there are three guys on him in the middle of the damn field.

nfl week 5 winners and losers tom brady returns triumphant 2016 images

Winner: Tom Brady is really rusty after sitting the first four games. So rusty he has thrown 8 touchdowns and zero picks in his three games back. Nice to have ya, Tom.

Loser: Dan Quinn’s decision to go for it on 4th and 1 in overtime will be criticized all week. “Punt and trust your defense,” was Rodney Harrison’s advice. Well, he can’t trust his defense Rodney. They are the ones who let San Diego march up and down the field all game long. So I don’t blame Quinn for the fourth down move. I just blame the defensive guru for having an awful defense.

rams jared goff still playing catch up to case keenum 2016 images

Winner: Jared Goff will soon be starting for the Rams, no matter what Jeff Fisher said after the loss to the Giants. The team owner can’t let him to keep running Case Keenum out there after the debacle on Sunday morning.

Loser: Case Keenum should be cut after throwing four awful picks, one of which could be confused with a punt.

Winner: A.J. Green was a beast in week seven. And whoever faces the Cleveland secondary in week eight will make the “winners” list as well. Green torched the Browns, catching every ball thrown his way, including a miracle TD.

Loser: The Browns got another QB hurt and throwing passes for the Browns has now moved to the number one spot of most dangerous jobs on the planet.

Winner: Matt Forte was his old self, and the Jets finally got a win as a result. If the team would lean on this back more, maybe Ryan Fitzpatrick wouldn’t be forcing the ball into places he shouldn’t on a weekly basis. Fitz got back on the field after a Geno Smith sighting that ended with Smith injured.

nfl celebration rules bring imaginary beer for josh norman

Loser: Josh Norman didn’t get to do his beer keg act, but has a hangover this morning after getting a concussion versus the Lions.

Winner: Matt Stafford was known for tapping many a keg back in college, but his claim to fame versus Washington was a last second comeback. Stafford leads his team to their third win in a row, and the Skins drop to 4-3.

Loser: The Vikings are losers for the first time all year. Philadelphia should get some of their confidence back after hitting the skids the past two weeks. They managed to get to Bradford 6 times in this game, and created 4 turnovers total.