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Los Angeles Rams Destined For Memorable 2018/19 NFL Season?

Suddenly the Los Angeles Rams have become the NFL team to watch to hit Super Bowl 2019 and the offensive team of Jared Godd and Todd Gurley could make this wish into a reality.

Los Angeles Rams vs Seattle Seahawks for NFC West control

Los Angeles Rams Ready for the Seattle Seahawks in Battle for Control of the NFC West

Jadeveon Clowney making up for J.J. Watt absence

Jadeveon Clowney Proving Himself a Dominant Force in Absence of J.J. Watt

NFL Winners and Losers Week 14: Le’Veon Bell proved his point

Here’s our winners and losers for week 14. Some flameouts included. Hint: Jump on the Patriots’ bandwagon. They are always a safe bet in the playoffs.

Rob Gronkowski out for 49ers game and NFL fines hit Lewan, Neal

The New England Patriots have announced that tight end Rob Gronkowski won't be part of Sunday's game against the San Francisco 49ers due to a perforated lung. This will also prevent him from flying with the team.

NFL Winners and Losers week 7: Jay Ajayi makes Grown Man of the Week

NFL Grown Man of the Week: Jay Ajayi has found himself lighting up defenses after finally getting the workload set solely on his shoulders. Ajayi is in rare company after racking up back to back 200 yard games.

Los Angeles Rams Jared Goff still playing catch up with Case Keenum

Los Angeles Rams No. 1 Overall Pick Jared Goff Still Playing Catch-Up to Case Keenum

LA Rams QB Nick Foles avoiding OTAs and Jared Goff

Surprise, surprise: Nick Foles isn’t overly thrilled that the Los Angeles Rams took a quarterback with the No. 1 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft by the name of Jared Goff.

2016 NFL Draft Winners and Losers

The NFL Draft is over. No re-dos for teams that failed to get the guy they desperately wanted. This draft was one of the most interesting even though the top two picks weren't household names

First Round Player Picks Rated and Graded: 2016 NFL Draft

Here are all the players chosen in the first round of the 2016 NFL draft Thursday night in Chicago. We've also included grades from reactions in the office and from all our readers feedback Thursday night into early Friday morning.

Number 1 draft pick quarterback Jared Goff ready to get Ram tough

The top two 2016 NFL Draft picks are ready and raring to get going with their new teams. Jared Goff was picked up by the Los Angeles Rams and Carson Wentz is heading east for the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles are hoping to wipe slates and minds of the Chip Kelly era.

Rams and Eagles make 2016 NFL Draft Year of the Quarterback again

With the last two Heisman Trophy winners going pro, the 2015 NFL Draft was a highly anticipated one. The story for months leading up to the NFL Draft was about where FSU quarterback Jameis Winston and Oregon QB Marcus Mariota will land.

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