2016 NFL Draft Winners and Losers

2016 NFL Draft Winners and Losers football images goff

2016 NFL Draft Winners and Losers football images goff

The NFL Draft is over. No re-dos for teams that failed to get the guy they desperately wanted.

This draft was one of the most interesting even though the top two picks weren’t household names, despite playing the glory position of quarterback.

Leave it to a hacked smartphone, along with social media to make the NFL Draft must-see TV.

Let’s get right to the winners and losers to see which teams did the most with their slots and which players wound up in the best possible situations.

Winner: Jared Goff. The top overall pick is gonna get paid. Not to mention he has a top three running back to ease some pressure in his rookie year.

Winner: The Miami Dolphins stood firm with their first overall pick, even though they had to make up a story to keep Laremy Tunsil away from the media for a bit. The Phins were looking for a guy to protect their $100 million dollar QB, not a choir boy who had never seen pot.

The $16 Million video that cost Laremy Tunsil higher NFL Draft pick 2016 images

Loser: Laremy Tunsil’s sin wasn’t using a substance no more harmful than Budweiser (which the NFL has no problem promoting). His sin was allowing himself to be filmed while breaking bad with the ganja. NFL 101 – break your phone every 30 days big man!

Winner: Ohio State dominated the draft as they set a record for the most players chosen in the crucial first three rounds. A record for the word “THE” also set a record for overuse and abuse.

Loser: All the college coaches in America not named Urban Meyer, who got an amazing amount of time on the analyst desk during the draft. His exposure should help OSU’s recruiting lots more than Jim Harbaugh’s satellite camps that were recently banned by the hypocritical NCAA.

kevin faulk in tom brady jersey

Winner: Kevin Faulk got off a nice blast at Roger Goodell without being disrespectful to the Shield. He wore a Tom Brady jersey as he announced the third round choice for the Patriots, which was their second overall pick as a result of DeflateGate.

Loser: Ole Miss will have to answer for the hacked texts from Laremy Tunsil’s phone showing him asking for money from an assistant athletic director. The program may have to instruct their players more thoroughly on NCAA rules….or just teach them how to create stronger passwords for their cell phones.

jared goff nfl draft 2016

Winner: Roger Goodell gets to look like a loving uncle for a couple hours each year as he hugs it out with youngsters happy to hit that NFL stage for the first time. It doesn’t take these players long to develop a healthy hate for the Commish though, much like most players and fans.

Loser: The Ravens couldn’t stomach the pressure after seeing the Tunsil video so they may have to live with an inferior draft choice in the long run. Only time will tell.

Winner: Cleveland had a good draft overall according to the experts. The franchise put RGIII in a position to succeed by drafting a playmaker in Baylor receiver Corey Coleman. The rookie could lead the team in touchdowns in year one since the offense is woefully short on dynamic players.

johnny manziel indictment likely

Loser: Johnny Manziel can’t stay out of the news or off Twitter. Calling a reporter a “pussy” for reporting the news is silly at best. The guy is just doing his job.

If Manziel focused on doing his job, he would have been nowhere near a bar in the first place.

paxton lynch picked up by broncos

Winner: We don’t know if Paxton Lynch will develop into an NFL star or even a starter for that matter. But Denver had to have more options at quarterback after losing Manning and Osweiler. There’s no doubt Mark Sanchez can be steady enough to run the offense until Lynch is ready to enter the fray.

The team overcame Manning’s worst year ever last year, so Bronco fans have nothing to worry about. The QB situation is not perfect but is no worse than last year.

Loser: The green room sadness is no fun to watch. Myles Jack fell from the first round and was left sitting on the sidelines like a nervous freshman at his first dance. The guy has the talent to help the Jaguars, who took him in the second round. It’s just the fear that his knee won’t hold up in the long run that kept him from getting on stage sooner.

Winner: Jacksonville can score with anyone in the League. They can get scored on by anyone in the Canadian League, though. Taking defensive players with their first five picks should move them in the right direction in 2016. Jalen Ramsey was a no-brainer. And if Myles Jack can stay healthy, the Jags defense will have two guys as formidable on defense as the two Allens on offense.

Loser: Laquon Treadwell was pretty down about slipping to the latter part of the first round. It was evident in his interview with Prime Time afterward. He’ll still come out a winner if he stays the course. The Vikings will be a good fit for the rookie with a solid team that should have made it to the second round of the playoffs last year if not for an idiot kicker.

kirk cousins

Winner: Kirk Cousins had enough weapons to target in 2015. The Skins added more receiver help with the draft to make sure the newly wealthy quarterback doesn’t regress. Josh Doctson is a deep threat that  was rated as the number two overall WR by Pro Football Focus.

Loser: My Atlanta Falcons. They received the worst draft grade of all 32 teams on PFF. Not shocking, as the same people are at the top of management there. Falcons fans shouldn’t panic just yet as we give these rookies a chance to prove themselves. It’s just hard to ignore five years worth of draft day disasters.