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About those Burger King horse meat Whoppers and Antifa church shooter

Fake News Alert: Burger King isn't offering special Whoppers with horse meat, the Texas church shooter wasn't Antifa, Senator Rand Paul assaulted by Antifa thug and Hillary Clinton concession speech rumor debunked.

Donald Trump, Jerry Jones not happy until all NFL stands for them

Significantly Fewer NFL Protests Still Too Many for Jerry Jones, Donald Trump

NFL overcomes Donald Trump’s anthem protest war

NFL Players, Owners Discussed Social Issues Moving Beyond National Anthem Protests. Donald Trump not happy with results.

NFL, Roger Goodell caught between Al Sharpton and Donald Trump

Al Sharpton Adds Fifth Link in Protest Chain as Roger Goodell Addresses Situation Directly While Donald Trump Takes Him Out Of Context

Roger Goodell fights for NFL control as DeMaurice Smith enters

Roger Goodell Struggles to Retain Control of NFL, DeMaurice Smith Enters the Anthem Kneeling Conversation Stirred up by President Donald Trump.

Ezekiel Elliott suspension appeal goes for several days

Ezekiel Elliott Suffers Setbacks in Appeal Process as Goodell Denies Independent Arbitrator

Roger Goodell good through 2024 with NFL

NFL Nearly Extension with Roger Goodell to Keep Commissioner Around Through 2024

NFL Roundup: Ezekiel Elliott domestic abuse suspension plus Bills shake it up

NFL Rounder: Patriots lose to Jaguars 31-24 with Roger Goodell in attendance, Ezekiel Elliott suspended 6 games and Bills trade Sammy Watkins, land Jordan Matthews.

Josh Norman’s ‘bow and arrow’ being victimized by NFL

Josh Norman Feels Victimized Once Again by NFL

NFL celebration penalties debate rages on

NFL Debate Over Celebration Penalties Rages On as Referees Call for an End to Excessive Celebration Flags

Jerry Jones fine with NFL pot smoking and wants Roger Goodell pay cut

Jerry Jones Wants NFL to Allow Pot Smoking, Stop Investigating Players, & Cut Goodell’s Pay

Roger Goodell critical of Oakland Raiders move

Goodell Tells Oakland the Raiders Will Likely Move After City Submits Non-Viable Solution to Keep Franchise

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