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Tom Brady brings welcome relief to Bill Belichick and Patriots

If you think Bill Belichick is stoked to have Tom Brady back for week five, you’re right. The coach’s life got a lot easier the moment Brady arrived back at practice after he wrapped up

Patriots’ Tom Brady able to avoid ‘ScissorGate’

Football fans who had their fill of "DeflateGate" from Tom Brady and the New England Patriots really avoided a close call with "ScissorGate." It seems Brady cut his right thumb with scissors right before the Patriots' preseason game

Is Patriots’ Tom Brady heading to Supreme Court keeping Deflategate alive?

Tom Brady May Still be Trying to Weasel Out of 4 Game Deflategate Suspension

Air nearly gone from DeflateGate

If DeflateGate was a hot air balloon, it would be the most grotesque air traveling vehicle in history. And now it would be plummeting toward Earth as the air is all but gone from one of the most ridiculous stories in the history

Tom Brady’s ‘Deflategate’ ended by Federal Court

It appears that the New England Patriots' Tom Brady's "Deflategate" has been snuffed out, not to mention our national nightmare having to hear those words for so long.

Tom Brady keeping DeflateGate alive through Summer 2017

Tom Brady is back at it again. After Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors had tried to take the title of Champion Ball Deflator, the New England Patriots quarterback had to remind the world who the real king is.

Tom Brady gets two weeks for DeflateGate appeal

Tom Brady is determined to not let DeflateGate end, that is, until he has beaten it. His pricey legal team has gotten the New England Patriots quarterback another two weeks to work on his appeal.

Zac Efron back on market and NFL done talking about Tom Brady’s DeflateGate

Zac Efron has reportedly called it quits with girlfriend Sami Miro. His followers noticed that he recently deleted every photo of Sami that he had on his Instagram account and that he had stopped following her on other social media sites.

Ending DeflateGate Once and for all

DeflateGate, the vampire of NFL news, needs a stake driven through its heart. Football fans from Foxborough to Seattle would surely be willing to pool their money to pay a bounty to have this time sucking scandal killed once and for all.

DeflateGate’s back as Patriots Tom Brady suspended again after losing his appeal

Tom Brady Deflategate Suspension Reinstated by U.S. Appeals Court as NFL Wins

New England Patriots fans suing over Deflategate

I was totally wrong about being tired of the DeflateGate story. It's true that the entire saga got on my last nerve as I covered the story that was irrelevant from the start and got worse with the lack of real evidence against the Patriots and Tom Brady.

Tom Brady’s DeflateGate nightmare back as NFL makes serious gains

NFL Making Serious Gains Against Tom Brady as Deflategate Court Hearings Resume

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