Tom Brady brings welcome relief to Bill Belichick and Patriots

bill belichick relieved to have tom brady back on patriots after deflategate 2016 images

Tom Brady brings welcome relief to Bill Belichick and Patriots 2016 images

What Bill Belichick said about Tom Brady‘s return after DeflateGate suspension

If you think Bill Belichick is stoked to have Tom Brady back for week five, you’re right. The coach’s life got a lot easier the moment Brady arrived back at practice after he wrapped up his unjust DeflateGate suspension.

Getting the Patriots to 3-1 using both a backup quarterback and the backup to the backup, was no easy task.

Still, the grumpiest old man in the game wasn’t gonna show any excitement to the press over getting his Hall of Fame QB back.

At Wednesday’s press conference, Bill Belichick did what he always does. He avoided stupid questions with a nasty look and a “I don’t know,” comment.

And he talked about the upcoming opponent 20 times as much as his own guys.

tom brady bringing relief to bill belichick 2016 nfl images

Even the return of his Golden Boy was not going to get Belichick off his game. Here’s ten things the Pats’ coach said that didn’t give a clue to his excitement over the return of Tom Brady.

10. “Cleveland’s secondary has a lot of experience.”

It would have been nice to hear coach describe in detail how Brady is going to carve up that veteran cast of victims. Not his style.

9. “Cleveland has great fans.”

How that’s relevant to anything going on in New England, I have no idea. But this is what the Hooded Genius does in pressers. He runs out the clock with irrelevant answers.

8. “We need to play well to win in Cleveland.”

That was how he expressed his feelings on how he felt personally to get Brady back this week. If the local beat writers were looking for a Dick Vermeil moment, they were reaching. No river of tears is coming from this guy. Ever.

7. “You’ll have to ask Tom how he feels personally,” Belichick told a reporter who made the mistake of asking the coach to dive inside another human’s head to see how that person felt about something.

These reporters have the worst gameplan going into these pressers each and every time.

6. “Terrelle Pryor is big, skilled, and fast.”

No shit coach. Belichick spent more time talking about the former Ohio State QB turned receiver than he did about his own four-time Super Bowl winning quarterback.

5. Belichick made sure to compliment Cleveland’s Joe Thomas on his 9200 straight plays without missing a beat. This was one moment that coach actually seemed engaged in the process. As that truly is an amazing stat.

4. “Each week is its own week. I don’t care about last week.”

No questions about anything that took place in the past people. Damn!

3. “They’ve got a bunch of tight ends.”

You can’t get that kind of insight, even with three hours of a pregame show.

2. “We’re focused on Cleveland, period.”

This was near the end of the press conference, which coincided with the end of Belichick’s patience.

1. The band of reporters finally gave in on the fact that coach could only evaluate Brady after seeing him in practice. So they asked him what he would be looking for with Brady in practice.

His answer – “Same as always. Same as any other player.”

The same could be said for this presser. It was the same as always. The rest of the NFL world can’t wait to see Tom Brady back on the field. Even Bill Belichick has to be stoked.

He’s just not gonna let anyone have the satisfaction of seeing his joy.

He prefers going through the motions of a press conference with the gameplan most people enter a funeral home with. Namely, talking in a hushed monotone manner and just getting through the painful process.