‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ 1201 Not happy with Rob’s new family Chyna

keeping up with the kardashians 1201 not happy with robs family blac chyna 2016 images

keeping up with the kardashians 1201 not happy with robs family blac chyna 2016 images

Keeping Up with the Kardashians kicked off its 12th season this week with an all-new episode While tabloids may be known for making up the majority of their headlines, this season seems to prove that there is some truth to the Hollywood rumors. In this episode specifically, viewers get to see how the family responded to the news that their brother Rob is dating Blac Chyna. In addition, Khloe confirms that she did, in fact, kick her brother out of her house after she came home to him partying and binge drinking with his new beau.

The episode opens up with Khloe and Kylie playing a friendly game of ping pong while Kim complains about motherhood to sister Kourtney. In confessional, Kim admits that being a mother of two is a whole different ball game than being a mother of one. She also takes the opportunity to tell the world that her son, Saint West, is the most beautiful baby boy ever.

Next, Khloe is seen showing Kris the home she is setting up for Lamar, as he is due to be released from the hospital soon. Unfortunately, Lamar’s release date coincides with a press tour that Khloe had lined up in New York – therefore, she is under a lot of pressure to get the house all sorted out. Kris tells Khloe that she will take the reigns and ensure that everything is perfect for when Lamar finally gets out.

Lamar isn’t the only one with a new crib – Scott Disick is also showing off his new pad in this episode. He explains how he feels more at ease living closer to Kourtney and his kids. Khloe pays him a visit and compliments him on his new place. Scott says that while he loves the house, he feels extremely lonely living in such a big house all on his own (Note: he did acknowledge this to be a rich person problem).

Shortly after, Scott is seen going to lunch with Kris. In confessional, Scott explains how appreciative he is of the support Kris has shown him, despite all of the emotional pain he has put her daughter through. Kris says she feels that Scott is making some big strides in creating a healthier life for himself. Scott and Kris decide to attend a healthy cooking class together, as Kourtney has been critical of what Scott has been feeding their kids (i.e. Captain Crunch). It is evident that in Kris’s mind the cooking class is a way for Scott to improve his own life, while in Scott’s mind it is the perfect way to impress Kourtney and hopefully win her back.

While Scott is hung up on winning back his family, Kourtney is busy trying to establish her new normal as a single woman. For the first time in years, she booked a television appearance as a guest on The Ellen Degeneres Show. Kourtney is beyond nervous for the interview as she explains, “there’s a lot going on with everyone in our family. And if you say the wrong thing, everyone’s going to get mad. And you never know what they’re going to ask.” Fortunately, the interview goes off without a hitch and Kris announces, “It’s like the old Kourt is back!”

Khloe is off in New York for her press tour, where she packs in a bunch of appearances in 3 short days. While there, she winds up talking about Caitlyn while on Howard Stern’s radio show. Unfortunately, Caitlyn doesn’t take too kindly to what Khloe said about her and ends up texting a whole bunch of angry messages to her. After this, Khloe calls up her mom and puts Caitlyn on blast. Khloe exclaims, “I don’t have a relationship with her,” after explaining how Caitlyn attacked her over text.

Back in California, Kris is rightfully worried about Khloe, as she is already dealing with the stresses associated with Lamar’s situation. Therefore, Kris calls up Caitlyn to try and sort out all of the drama between her and Khloe. During the phone call Kris gets particularly emotional, as she tries to remind Caitlyn that she was a father to Khloe since she was only 5 years old. Kris pleads Caitlyn to give Khloe “a break” and to not be so hypocritical (as she feels that Caitlyn said plenty of unflattering things about her in her now infamous Vanity Fair article).

keeping up with the kardashians 1201 rob with blac chyna 2016

While Rob doesn’t make any physical appearances in the premiere episode, he does get mentioned and is heard talking over the phone. One of the more notable Rob moments comes when Kendall realizes that he re-gifted the iPad she gave him for Christmas to his girlfriend, Blac Chyna. With the encouragement of Kylie, Kendall proceeds to call Rob and demand that he give the iPad back. However, Rob simply laughs at Kendall and dismisses her anger.

When Khloe returns to California she joins the rest of her sisters (minus Kendall) and mom for dinner. Here, Khloe reveals that she kicked Rob out of her house, as he was partying with Blac Chyna in her home without her knowing. Kylie then tells them that Rob is actually trying to buy the house next to Blac Chyna, which results in the sisters figuring out that Kris is the one who is helping him put a down payment on the place. Kris tries to justify her actions by saying it is an “investment,” however the sisters are outraged that their mother continues to cater to Rob’s every need.

Lastly, the family is seen getting ready to go to dinner at Scott’s house. Unfortunately, things go awry when Scott winds up going M.I.A. Kourtney says that the last time she heard from him he was out with Tyga “all day and all night.” This leads Kourtney to confront Kylie about her boyfriend (Tyga) and his seemingly negative influence on Scott. In confessional, Kylie states “I’m between a rock and a hard place” as she doesn’t want to upset her sister or her boyfriend. Kourtney complains, “it pisses me off that people like Tyga, who are close to our family, who should know better, don’t find some other friends.”

You can catch an all-new Keeping Up with The Kardashians when it returns next Sunday, May 9 on E!





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