‘Game of Thrones’ 602 Home where Jon Snow lives and 3 die

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 2 Home

If Melisandre revealing her ancient body shocked you last week on “Game of Thrones” then you likely fell off your couch this week at home with Home. The brutality of this show continues to go beyond what good taste would seem to allow.

That isn’t stopping any of us from watching, though! If we keep watching after what we saw Ramsay Bolton do to his newborn brother last night, we’ll accept anything.

game of thrones 602 ramsey murders explained

Wow, what a monster!

It looks like the showrunners are trying to make Bran Stark a bigger part of the action this year. He’s seen going back to Ned’s childhood in a flashback powered by the three-eyed raven. The young man is frustrated by not being part of the war, but clearly he needs training if he’s to do battle with the likes of the Lannisters and Ramsay.

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Over at The Wall, it didn’t take much for the Brothers to give up when the Wildlings rolled up to help Jon Snow‘s friends. The giant was intimidating enough to stop any resistance after breaking down the gate then slamming one poor soul against the wall like a ragdoll.

game of thrones 602 blind girls fighting back

Most of the Brothers weren’t down with Snow’s murder, so they sure weren’t interested in fighting to defend Alliser Thorne and his crew.

Cersei has become a bit of a joke among the common folk, and one fool took it too far as he mocked her walk of shame. He quickly paid the price when Gregor 2.0 erased his life with a head smash (his signature finishing move) on a wall.

The humongous zombie was close to killing a group of guards blocking Cersei from attending her daughter’s funeral. He backed off when the Queen Mother decided to obey her son’s instructions.

It’s apparent that Tommen is ashamed of what he let happen to his mom and just wanted her safely at the castle.

It would have been nice to see Jaime kill the High Sparrow as they talked near Myrcella’s body. But the humble acting leader of the religious nutjobs got to walk away unharmed. The reckoning has to come soon right? No way Jaime is going to let his son’s wife stay a prisoner much longer.

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The High Sparrow acts as if he cares nothing for his own life, but shows some arrogance telling Jaime, “Our people are poor and powerless, yet together we can overthrow an empire.”

Even though Cersei has to be pissed at young Tommen, she apparently forgives him for letting her be imprisoned. He asks for her help in being strong. It’s possible Cersei will turn the king into a brutal ruler for his own good. What buttons will she push to make that happen?

What could Tyrion do with two dragons? Dude could probably make a run for the Iron Throne himself. For now, he just wants to keep them alive so he bravely unchains them so they will start to eat again.

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He’s highly educated so he knows these creatures won’t survive locked up like dogs. Varys was going nowhere near the flamethrowers and was amazed Tyrion put his own life in peril. It’s not the first time the half man has shown himself to be braver than others who tower above him.

I’d say Arya is out of the doghouse with her mentor Jaqen H’gar. A quick quiz on what her name is let her off the hook for her failures of last year. She even resists the offer of having her sight restored.

I’ve been ready for Ramsay to make a move to protect his position ever since Roose Bolton impregnated his old lady. Game of Thrones still found a way to shock me, though. I didn’t see Ramsay killing his own father, especially mere moments after the boy was born.

game of thrones 602 home for some gruesome deaths and jon snow 2016 images

For a split second, I thought this murder might actually save the child since Ramsay was in power now and a baby couldn’t do anything about it. Nope.

Ramsay isn’t about taking any chances. “I am Lord Bolton,” he tells his stepmother when she comes looking for Roose. She offers to go away with her son, but he says that won’t work for him.

“I prefer being an only child,” he says coldly as he sics his dog on her and the newborn baby. BABY! Damn!

game of thrones ramsey bolton kills newborn

Ramsay is officially worse than Joffrey ever was. With Joffrey, it was almost fun to see how low he would stoop with each episode. Not so with Ramsay. I cringe whenever an innocent character is in his presence.

We didn’t get any of Dany this week and very little of Sansa. Theon is headed home since he knows Brienne can take care of Sansa. And he figures Jon Snow will behead him for all he’s done to the Stark family.

Theon’s return home may be a little more hazardous now that his father has been murdered. Balon Greyjoy was unceremoniously dumped over a bridge by his own brother, Euron Greyjoy. The death was pretty quick, but it was still an awesome scene in the night rain.

OK, no more waiting for the resurrection attempt on Jon.

Even though Melisandre’s confidence is shaken by her visions proving false, Davos believes in her power. So she’s willing to give it a shot. Dude is pretty dead. She had her work cut out for her.

The Red Woman cleaned Jon’s body, clipped his hair, and spoke a spell in an old language that sounded like the one Dany uses on occasion. Pretty creepy stuff.

It appeared her magic wouldn’t be enough as it looked like no happy ending was coming with Jon on her table. Once she and his friends left the room, Jon’s wolf noticed a change.

Then the dead man took the first breath of his new life.

game of thrones 602 home jon snow 2016 imagesThe question is what will his new life look like? It would be great to have the old Jon Snow back, but that’s not going to happen I fear. The new version may be Gregor-like. Might even turn into a white walker.

Or maybe Jon 2.0 just turns out to be a real dick.

Tune in next week to find out.