NFL Winners and Losers Week 14: Le’Veon Bell proved his point

NFL Winners and Losers Week 14 leveon bell proved his point 2016 images

NFL Winners and Losers Week 14: Le'Veon Bell proved his point 2016 images

Can you smell that? It’s the scent of the best time of year. The playoffs are coming ya’ll.

Sorry to say that some of you will have to root for another team since your guys are flaming out when it matters most.

Here’s our winners and losers for week 14. Some flameouts included. Hint: Jump on the Patriots’ bandwagon. They are always a safe bet in the playoffs.

NFL Grown Man of the Week: Le’Veon Bell must have wanted to prove a point. That he is better than Shady McCoy, who has been on a tear the past few weeks. Bell took the Bills defense to the woodshed and back as he racked up 236 rushing yards. He also found the endzone 3 times. The Steelers have found the recipe for winning consistently. Just hand the damn ball off to #26.

Ben Rohthlisberger pittsburgh mess

Loser: Big Ben Roethlisberger isn’t helping matters in Pittsburgh. Just hand the ball off my man. He tossed 3 picks versus Buffalo. Those turnovers kept the game from being a blowout.

Winner: The Giants offense wasn’t a lot of help versus the Cowboys on SNF. But the defense put a stop to Dallas’ 11- game win streak. This could be the start of some bad mojo for rookie QB Dak Prescott, who has been steady all year long. He tossed 2 interceptions in this one and completed just 17 of 37 passes.

phillip rivers most overrated nfl football players ever 2015 images

Loser: WTF is Philip Rivers doing? To say he’s forcing the ball is an understatement. A few weeks ago the Chargers looked dangerous. But Rivers has single handedly taken them down several notches. He had 5 turnovers versus Carolina.

Winner: The Atlanta defense is awesome. Actually only against inept rookie quarterbacks. The ATL defense had their way with Jared Goff in an easy win verus L.A. How is Jeff Fisher still a head coach?

jared goff makes rams debut

Loser: Jared Goff endured 3 sacks and had two picks versus Atlanta. Vic Beasley also ripped the ball from him like a child and headed into the endzone for an easy score.

Winner: What if the Chiefs get home-field advantage in the playoffs? They made that a real possibility with a huge win over Oakland on TNF.

Loser: Derek Carr had his worst game of the year at the worst possible time. You can’t lose to division foes late in the year my man. He was 17/41 versus K.C. and only 117 yards in the air.

marcus mariota loser week

Winner: Marcus Mariota got a win versus Denver, but how that happened with a stat line of 6 completions, I have no idea. 88 yards passing is something you see in high school ball. Still, with DeMarco Murray churning out nearly a 100 yards per game, the QB can have games like that.

Loser: Guess what. The Browns still didn’t win a game. With RGIII back in the mix, they were no better than with the 12 quarterbacks they’ve used since he got hurt early in the year. 0-13, wow.

Winner: Ryan Tannehill took his team to a big win over Arizona, even though he went down hard with what is likely an ACL injury. He threw 3 touchdown passes before leaving the rain-soaked field after a low hit by Calais Campbell.

Loser: Has Drew Brees had his body taken over by the spirit of Jamarcus Russell? What has happened to my Draftkings gold mine of a passer? He has turned into a fantasy nightmare the past couple weeks. 3 picks against the Bucs and he only lead his offense to 9 points, all field goals.

Winner: Tampa Bay is a team on the rise. They rolled to their 5th straight win and are right there with Atlanta for the division lead.

Loser: The Bears. No surprise there, but their 4th quarter slip gave Detroit another 4th quarter comeback win. That makes 8 on the year. The most in NFL history for a single season.