Winners and Losers NFL Week 10: DeMarco Murray big winner

Winners and Losers NFL Week 10 demarco murray big winner 2016 images

Winners and Losers NFL Week 10: DeMarco Murray big winner 2016 images

Some elite teams are falling by the wayside, while others are hitting their stride. Is your team on the rise or crashing worse than Hillary Clinton’s failed Presidential run?

Let’s see who the winners and losers are for week 10.

NFL Grown Man of the Week: Hue Jackson may be a winless head coach, 10 weeks and counting, but he hasn’t quit yet. Why he took this job I have no clue, besides the millions per year in salary. He knew it would be a tough gig going in. I don’t think he bargained for the possibility of losing all 16 games and having to use 11 different QBs by the time it’s all said and done in January though. Way to hang in there, coach. It’s likely to get worse before it gets even worse than that.

demarco murray titans big winner for nfl week 10

Winner: Good to see DeMarco Murray get redemption in 2016 after Chip Kelly turned one of the best backs in the NFL into a laughing stock in 2015. Kid is killing it in Tennessee. He even got in a TD pass yesterday as his Titans crushed a Green Bay team in shambles.

Murray is second in the League in rushing, behind only Ezekiel Elliott.

Loser:  Jay Cutler has to go if Chicago is ever to move forward. He can make incredible plays on occasion, but more often than not, his play digs the Bears a hole they can’t climb out of. His three turnovers made sure Tampa had an easy win on Sunday.

Winner: Yes my Falcons got punked on the road versus Philly. But pay attention to this upstart named Taylor Gabriel. Kid has big upside in season-long fantasy play down the stretch and on DFS. He was one of the few bright spots for ATL in Philly.

Loser: The Chargers are basically a homeless NFL team. They are running out of options as they can’t get approval for a new stadium in their current location and it looks like they can’t agree with the Rams on sharing the L.A. stadium.

Winner: Ryan Mathews ate up the Atlanta defense on Sunday. But so did every other Eagles runner. Mathews averaged over 5 yards a tote as he helped drop Atlanta to 6-4. Philly is back on track after losing 4/5 games before this home win.

Loser: Darrelle Revis is now being targeted by guys like Case Keenum. If that isn’t the death nail of a once-great CB, I don’t know what is. Congrats on a great career my man. The run on Revis Island is over. Coast on out like the rest of the Jets are doing in 2016. No one can blame you.

Winner: Aaron Rodgers threw some folks under the bus after his Pack lost to the Titans. I’m not sure if he is saying teammates are in danger of losing their jobs or the coaching staff, but clearly, the quarterback is pissed. Not the best approach, but his “r-e-l-a-x” philosophy isn’t gonna work this year. This team looks lost after losing 4 of their last 5.

Loser: You can’t take two consecutive sacks to end the game when you have a chance to get a win. But that kind of back to back debacle is what makes Sam Bradford Sam Bradford. He is sinking the ship that is, or was the Minnesota Vikings’ Super Bowl run.

Winner: Marcus Peters made a grown man play to help KC get the victory over Carolina. Ripping the ball away from a big powerful receiver like Kelvin Benjamin is no easy task, but the DB made it look like taking candy from a baby. Had he done it to Cam Newton directly, the analogy would have been even sweeter.

Loser: Julio Jones made some big deep ball catches on Sunday, but his drops were a bad look for one of the best WR in football. Lucky for Atlanta, two of their division foes lost as well this week.

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Winner: Drew Brees didn’t get the win, thanks to some bad luck on the late PAT. Yet the laser he threw to set his team up for the win was maybe the best pass of the season. Dude is almost over the hill but can still ball with the best gunslingers in the game when he’s hot.

Loser: WTF happened to the Vikings defense? Did you guys just give up when it became apparent your offense would not help in any fashion, and your kicker was bound to cost you the close games too?

Winner: Ezekiel Elliot is a beast, and Pittsburgh found it out the hard way. Twice with under two minutes to go, the Steelers got blasted for 6 points by the Dallas offensive line who made way for the sure Rookie of the Year runner. The last TD came with just seconds left and Pittsburgh looking like they were ready to hand over the win via FG on the next play. Zeke embarrassed them, so the Boys didn’t have to risk a kick at all. The Steel Curtain is mildewed and rusted out. Now an embarrassment to guys like Joe Green.

Loser: The Pats getting beat at home is a big deal. This loss was the first for Tom Brady in 2016. The no-call at the end of the game was a good one. Gronk would have been better off not engaging with Kam Chancellor at all. He makes the catch in a one on one situation on that fade. Instead, he wound up on the ground.