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Unique Gift Ideas for NFL Super Fans Who Have Everything

Have that NFL fan in your life that's impossible to buy for? Well, here are some ideas that'll score you a real touchdown.

NFL Roundup: Aaron Rodgers, Jameis Winston and Todd Gurley not happy with London

NFL Roundup: Aaron Rodgers thanks fans for support during injury, Todd Gurley not happy with @NFL London and Jameis Winston back for Buccaneers vs Bills game.

Colin Kaepernick finds a defender in Packers Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers Defends Colin Kaepernick, Says ‘Protests’ Kept Him Unsigned

Fantasy Football 2017: Waiting on quarterback draft pick can be smart choice

Everyone always has a winning strategy when it comes to creating that perfect fantasy football team, but sometimes sticking to the basics can save you time and heartbreak

Atlanta Falcons cool off Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay Packers

No hot streak lasts forever in sports, even for Aaron Rodgers. The longer a streak goes, the more likely it is to be broken actually. I’m not sure that is a statistically accurate fact, it just sounds right and I heard it from an old school NBA commentator

Falcons take over Packers 44-21, now ready for Patriots

The Atlanta Falcons have defied all odds and are not about to go up against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots for Super Bowl 51. Matt Ryan and his Falcons had some advantages over the Packers

NFL Final 4 QBs health is final road to Super Bowl 51

It's easy to forget that the final four quarterbacks in the NFL Playoffs have one thing in common. Everyone is hoping that they stay healty and free from injury to get them to Super Bowl LI.

Atlanta Falcons main advantages over Green Bay

The Atlanta Falcons are a better football team than the Green Bay Packers. That’s an indisputable fact, even to a shirtless Cheesehead. No matter how hot Aaron Rodgers is right now, his supporting cast doesn't stack up to the guys around Matt Ryan.

Aaron Rodgers keeps packing it for Green Bay

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is the man to watch this NFL season and the one to fear. He's got the Packers moving forward after a highly rated game against the Dallas Cowboys.

Fear Aaron Rodgers and what he’s Packing

Be afraid of Aaron Rodgers. Be very afraid. Who has more swagger than Green Bay’s quarterback right now? Tom Brady is as confident and as competitive as any player in NFL history. And even he is not on the same level as Rodgers at this moment in time.

NFL Stars Take a Massive Pay Cut when They Make the Playoffs

NFL Playoffs Don't Make the Players Go Hungry, But They're A Far Cry From Their Contract Salaries

Wildest Headlines Possible after NFL Divisional Round

Come late Sunday night there could be some wild headlines concerning what happened in the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs. We think we know how things will play out, but this is not an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

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