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Fear Aaron Rodgers and what he’s Packing

Fear Aaron Rodgers and what he's Packing 2017 images

Be afraid of Aaron Rodgers. Be very afraid.

Who has more swagger than Green Bay’s quarterback right now?

Tom Brady is as confident and as competitive as any player in NFL history. And even he is not on the same level as Rodgers at this moment in time.

Matt Ryan is having the season of his life, yet I’m gonna cringe every time Rodgers takes the field next week inside the Georgia Dome. I’ll be praying for a Falcons’ touchdown on every single drive since that’s what it’ll take to defeat the red-hot Rodgers.

Ben Roethlisberger has Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown at his disposal, but Rodgers has turned backups into freaks of toe-tapping catches in big moments. Steelers fans will have enough worries about Brady in the AFC Title Game. If they are fortunate enough to win in New England, they may face an even better passer, at the moment, than Brady.

You could feel it from the time the game in Dallas started on Sunday. There was an air of worry among Cowboys fans. There wasn’t a fear that their offense couldn’t hurt Green Bay’s defense.

The fear, which converted into a reality, was Aaron Rodgers jumping on Dallas with a flurry of scores right from the jump. Before Jerry Jones could blink, his #1 seeded Cowboys were down 21-3.

And though Dez Bryant played out of his mind, and rookie QB Dak Prescott was up to the task of a comeback, Rodgers just wouldn’t stop.

His swagger has infected the entire Packers team.

You have unknowns making insane catches with mere seconds to go because they don’t want to waste this hot streak their quarterback is on.

Jared Cook’s 36-yard catch on the sideline was not a lucky miracle like we’ve seen from Eli Manning’s receivers in past Super Bowls. This catch with three seconds left was an amazing display of concentration and athleticism.

The residue of Rodgers’ swagger I would argue.

Also, Greenbay has unselfish guys running the football since every running back they had to begin the year, has been lost to injury. Ty Montgomery went from a wideout to a bruising runner on Sunday. Even fullback Aaron Ripkowski got in his licks on the Dallas defense when the Pack needed some ground yardage to keep defenders honest.

And how would you like to be the offensive coordinator for Green Bay right now? No matter what you dial up, Rodgers can make it work. Hell, why even bother calling anything? Rodgers can do what he wants with the offense right now.

Schoolyard ball is working fine for the Packers.

The only hope for the rest of the defenses left in the hunt for a Super Bowl Title is to somehow get to Rodgers before he has time to unleash his swagger on every passing play.

Or just pray that this hot streak ends naturally.

Surely this historic level of play by a quarterback cannot go on forever. Right?

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