Wildest Headlines Possible after NFL Divisional Round

Wildest Headlines Possible after NFL Divisional Round 2017 images

Wildest Headlines Possible after NFL Divisional Round 2017 images

Come late Sunday night there could be some wild headlines concerning what happened in the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs.

We think we know how things will play out, but this is not an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Football is unpredictable. Unlike ridiculous reality shows that try to shock us with scripted “plot twists” such as character X not showing up for a date, or feelings getting hurt over some mundane gossip.

That’s why sports remain the ultimate reality show. Even with endless stats and historical data, games are still just that, games. And anything can happen.

So here are 4 things that could happen in round two, making for some wild headlines once the dust settles on Sunday night.

Falcons blow Seahawks out.

Nationally, there is no real trust in my Atlanta Falcons. And there are lots of doubts inside the Georgia Dome among the home crowd every week. Atlanta’s professional teams have let fans down a lot over the years. And vice versa.

So if the Falcons do come out and play in the manner they have in the past few weeks, they might finally get some true respect.

Falcons fans may want to feel the excitement of a close postseason game, but rest assured, a blowout win for the Dirty Birds will be a lot less stressful.

K.C. defense holds Pittsburgh under 20 points.

The Steelers could win it all, based on what Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell can do on offense.

The Chiefs’ Alex Smith is capable of leading his offense to enough scores to get a win over the dangerous Steelers, if the K.C. defense steps up. But it would take an epic defensive effort to derail the road team in this one.

We’ve seen Hall of Fame running backs get shut down in the playoffs before though. And big-play wideouts disappear.

packers knockout dallas

Tony Romo comes in to lead Cowboys back versus Green Bay.

The Packers could easily jump on Dallas early. Aaron Rodgers could get a quick score, then a turnover by the Green Bay defense could make Dallas’ home crowd really nervous.

Dak Prescott has been a steady man all year, but the playoffs are one and done. So how much of a deficit would Jason Garrett trust his rookie QB with?

tom brady patriots vs texans

Tom Brady held in check as Texans win by a field goal.

This is the most unlikely headline of course. No way Tom Brady would lose to Brock Osweiler, right?

Stranger things have happened. While Brady could pull fans out of the stands and turn them into All-Pro receivers, the fact is he has been thrown off his game in the past.

If Houston gets to him quick enough, he won’t have time to lay back and pick them apart.

And by the way, this headline could read, Brock Osweiler gets win after Jimmy Garoppolo is forced into action.

All of us would hate for this one to happen, but with the way concussion protocol is now, every team is subject to a backup getting into these big games after just one big hit on the starter.

Alright, what’s the most unimaginable headline in your mind leading up to round two of the NFL postseason?