Unique Gift Ideas for NFL Super Fans Who Have Everything

nfl super fans best gift ideas

Ah, yes. It’s that time of the year again. The holiday season or a birthday is here for that special NFL fan in your life. Aren’t people with hobbies the easiest to buy gifts for?

Well, not always. You see, this isn’t just an NFL fan—you, my friend, are dealing with a super fan. I’m talking about that friend that broke your TV remote because you made the mistake of hosting a watch party when your team was playing the New England Patriots.

I’m talking about that friend who would not be caught dead without their lucky Denver Broncos t-shirt on any given Sunday. The one that has probably never washed that Aaron Rodgers jersey despite wearing it three times a week.

nfl super fans celebrating eagles win

They’ve got the hats, the beanies, the jerseys, the shirts, the bobbleheads, the pants, and even the Miami Dolphins mittens that they’ve only actually worn once when they traveled to see them take on the New York Jets.

So, yeah, you can get them a t-shirt. You can get them a jersey for the team’s first-round draft pick. But that’ll go right in the closet with the other 100 shirts and 50 jerseys that they shun in favor of their lucky 2006 NFC South Division Champions shirt that doesn’t really fit anymore.

That’s not what they want. They want something new. Something exciting. If you’re Bill Gates, then you should just buy them their favorite team. For the rest of us, that isn’t really an option. So, instead, here are some unique NFL gift ideas (short of buying a franchise).

Replica Super Bowl Ring

If your friend is a fanatic of the Cleveland Browns or a Jacksonville Jaguars fan, then you can go ahead and skip to the next one. If their team wins regularly (especially if they’ve won recently), then why not snag them a shiny reminder of that victory?

Replica Super Bowl rings are available for every single big game from the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl I to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI. They normally come with the MVP’s name on the side, but you can almost always find the quarterback as well.

You can find these rings on a number of websites, but sites like Amazon should have everything you need. Replicas range from $20 to $100+ depending on how detailed you’re looking to get. And, hey, if you’re looking to splurge, throw in a nice ring display box.

pro football hall of fame helmet

NFL Hall of Fame Memorabilia

Your friend has every helmet, jersey, and decal available for the New Orleans Saints or Baltimore Ravens, so try getting him something a little more general instead of team-specific. The Pro Football Hall of Fame is a great place to start.

The Hall of Fame is a well-respected, much-liked staple in the NFL. You could snag your friend a Pro Football Hall of Fame replica helmet, an exclusive t-shirt, a framed picture of the induction of his favorite NFL legend, or even a trip to the Hall itself in Canton, Ohio, if you live nearby or are looking to travel a little as well. Why not make it a treat for both of you?

Houston Texans and Jags fans will have to wait on this one too, unfortunately, but a commemorative piece from your friend’s favorite NFL legend goes a long way, and it’s different that the hundreds of team shirts and jerseys. Check here to find a wind range of gifts you never would have thought of.

antonio brown fathead wall decals

Fathead Wall Decals

These are one of my personal favorites: Fathead wall decals. If your friend has everything Arizona Cardinals, he certainly has quite the man cave. How do you make the perfect Tennessee Titans man cave even better? Slap a massive team logo on the wall, of course!

Fatheads come in all shapes and sizes, from minis to life-sized. Nothing will make a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan happier than a life-sized Antonio Brown on his wall. Or get your favorite Seattle Seahawks fan a Legion of Boom set of mini player graphics.

Graphic options include everything from players to logos, stadium views, mascots, and helmets. There’s something for everyone, no matter what team they support.carolina panthers fathead wall decal

You can find all of their wall decals here, and you’ll be happy to know they do more than just NFL. They cover NHL, MLB, NBA and every superhero you love.

Custom Jersey Frame or Football Case

Okay, this one may require a little assembly on your part (or their part if you don’t like them that much), but the final unique NFL gift idea is a custom frame or case for their signed memorabilia.

If your friend is a real super fan, he’s bound to have stacks of autographed photos, a hanger full of signed jerseys, and a box of inked footballs and helmets. I find that with many big time collectors, a lot of their crazy pieces aren’t visible because they don’t have enough frames or anything to properly display them in.

custom nfl jersey frame

Let’s say he has a beautiful signed Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers jersey hanging in the closet. That’s quite the piece, and it should definitely be proudly displayed.

Put together a frame for it! Or, buy a frame online and get a nice custom plaque for the bottom of the frame with the player’s name, team, and an accolade or two. Screw it on there, and you’re done.

Now, instead of his signed Ray Lewis jersey collecting dust in his closet, he can proudly display his favorite piece for all to see. You can find a plethora of NFL jersey’s here to choose from.