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Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook continues losing friends in DC

Mark Zuckerberg is feeling his Facebook losing support in Washington but he will push on with his Libra currency.

Why CrowdStrike Matters to Donald Trump

Many people are wondering why Donald Trump is so interested in CrowdStrike that precipitated his infamous Ukraine call. Here are the facts.

Fact checking Donald Trump’s past week of story telling

While it's generally accepted that Donald Trump loves to tell stories where the facts don't add up, this past week he truly outdid himself with North Korea and CPAC.

Russian hackers hit more than Clinton plus Zuckerberg joins Bill Gates

ISIS took credit back in 2015 for Twitter threats against United States military spouses with a Bloody Valentine's Day message, but it turns out the Vladimir Putin's army of Russian hackers were behind this along with election meddling and unleashing the Hillary Clinton e-mails.

Top moments from 2018 60th Annual Grammy Awards show

The 60th Annual Grammy Awards saw Kendrick Lamar and Bruno Mars stealing the spotlight from Jay Z with award wins, but Kesha had her moment with Praying and even Hillary Clinton got some face time at Donald Trump's expense.

About those Burger King horse meat Whoppers and Antifa church shooter

Fake News Alert: Burger King isn't offering special Whoppers with horse meat, the Texas church shooter wasn't Antifa, Senator Rand Paul assaulted by Antifa thug and Hillary Clinton concession speech rumor debunked.

Black women need to harness their power and start soul searching

The black community has a lot of soul searching to about putting up from black men what they wouldn't from white men and black women can raise themselves up rather than being a victim like Chrisette Michele.

Just who is Maurice Symonette aka Donald Trump’s ‘Michael the Black Man’?

Michael Symonette has made a name for himself as being Donald Trump's biggest black supporter during his rally's, but he's got quite the history long before Trump became President.

John McCain tries clarifying his President Comey confusing questions

After an interesting mix of questions landing at former FBI Director James Comey, Senator John McCain was at the tail end of questioners. Viewers were expecting some hard questions to come, but what they go was a lot of frowning faces.

FBI James Comey angers Democrats with Donald Trump investigation

Donald Trump knew Monday going to be his day, but FBI Director James Comey confirmed one thing that really got Democrats angry. While confirming that there was "no information" to sustain Trump's wiretapping claims

Maria Sharapova, Dani Mathers, and Female Celebs who had a bad 2016

2016 is over and the year was supposedly a terrible one for the world. Celebrity deaths seemed to mount although arguably we're just more attuned to the deaths of more peripheral celebrities nowadays then we were in times prior

How politics merged into pop culture for 2016

2016 will easily go down when lines blurred and the Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton campaign merged fully into our pop culture. Rules were broken and long time traditions were trashed

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