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Victor Cruz Giants story

Victor Cruz Claims New York Giants Drove Him Away in 2016 by Purposely Limiting Targets

Victor Cruz era ends as Giants cut wide receiver

The Victor Cruz Era Comes to an End as New York Giants Cut Fan Favorite Wide Receiver

Giants, Yachts, Party Boys and the NFL Playoffs

Was it really a big deal that a crew of New York Giants partied on a yacht after their final regular season game? No. Has it been manufactured into a big deal? You bet. But before I go blaming Stephen A. Smith and his bosses at ESPN

NFL Winners & Losers Week 1: Broncos defense and Jimmy Garoppolo

Week one in the NFL is almost in the books. We just have a MNF doubleheader coming up and we can begin to get a feel for who the winners and losers will be for a few weeks.

Victor Cruz jumps into Odell Beckham Jr and Norman Kindle refueled feud

Victor Cruz Speaks Out as Odell Beckham Jr, Josh Norman Rekindle Hatred

Victor Cruz Group Action Sting & Nick Gordon’s Murder Charges For Bobbi Kristina Brown

Victor Cruz's fiance took his womanizing ways into her own hands, Rick Ross jumped up on 50 Cent and Nick Gordon is getting all the heat for Bobbi Kristina Brown's death.

Trends & Stupid Moves from My 2015 Fantasy Football Draft

It finally feels like football season again after my fantasy league held the draft this past weekend. I promised I would call them out by name if they did anything stupid, so without further ado, here are some notable occurrences from the 2015 “Men Fantasizing Over Other Men” League Draft

Top 10 Fantasy Football Developments For 2015

With the 2014-2015 NFL season coming to a close, fantasy owners are already looking forward to next season. Although Super Bowl XLIX has yet to be played, there have already been multiple developments in the NFL that will certainly shake up the world of fantasy football in the 2015-2016 NFL season

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