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NFL Roundup: Aaron Rodgers, Jameis Winston and Todd Gurley not happy with London

NFL Roundup: Aaron Rodgers thanks fans for support during injury, Todd Gurley not happy with @NFL London and Jameis Winston back for Buccaneers vs Bills game.

Colin Kaepernick jumps to top spot on 2016 NFL Most Hated list

Colin Kaepernick Tops 2016 List of Familiar Faces on NFL Most Hated List

Tennessee Titans Can Lock 2016 NFL Draft Top Pick

So much for Marcus Mariota being the savior for the Tennessee Titans. After one season with the former Oregon Duck standout, the Titans have shown no real signs of improvement and very little in terms of hope for the future.

Eagles Fans Want Chip Kelly Fired After Jameis Winston

No one said the NFL would be easy, and he knew that the Philadelphia Eagles have a historically difficult fan base to please, but Chip Kelly still took the job.

Rookie Regression: Avoid Marcus Mariota & Jameis Winston in Fantasy Football Week 10

Don’t let solid Week 9 performances fool you—Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota are far from refined. Personally, I still think Mariota will be a bust, but I’m also a little salty because he tore my New Orleans Saints to shreds.

Jameis Winston & Marcus Mariota Disappointing First Five NFL Games

Remember when Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, and Russell Wilson came out of the draft and each led his new team to the playoffs? Sure, that was a special year, but the rookie quarterback class of 2015—or at least their two most famous members, Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota—just wants, in the words of the great Jim Mora, to win a game.

NFL Winners & Losers Week 1

What a start to the 2015 NFL season! We hype the NFL up to be this Holy Grail of sports all offseason, then it actually delivers when the season begins. Sunday and Monday nights’s action was worth the long deflating offseason.

Jameis Winston vs Marcus Mariota NFL Preseason 2015

“I thought he had a typical first day,” said Lovie Smith on 1st overall pick Jameis Winston’s first day with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. “We saw a lot of good things today.”

NFL Preseason Week 2 Indepth Recap

Lots of NFL Week 2 Preseason indepth action to get to, so let's get after it Leonard Williams style.

10 Ways to Turn Florida State Seminoles Football Around

It’s not been a great past few months for the Florida State Seminoles football team. The team spent last year dodging toxic headlines about Jameis Winston then went on to get completely embarrassed by Oregon in the college football playoff.

Cowboys Greg Hardy: Master of Foot In Tweet Award

One would think that the Dallas Cowboys Greg Hardy is actively trying to end his own career. He seemingly cannot get out of his own way. After missing all but one game last year due to his domestic violence charge, he found a way onto the Cowboys roster with a nice new contract.

2015 NFL Draft Top 10 Takeaways

After months of mock drafts we finally got to the real thing. I lost count of the number of mock drafts by all the NFL insiders after just a few weeks of their constant shuffling of their predictions. Now the 2015 NFL Draft has come and gone so teams have to live with the realities of the choices they made in their so called war rooms.

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