‘Rob & Chyna’ 101 Texting Bitches pure Kardashian excess

rob & Chyna 101 are you still texting bitches exactly what you expect from kardashians 2016 images

rob & Chyna 101 are you still texting bitches exactly what you expect from kardashians 2016 images

With Keeping Up with the Kardashians winding down last Sunday, E! aired its newest reality series this week, Rob & Chyna. As you can probably infer from the name of the show, it follows the ups and downs of Rob Kardashian’s relationship with his fiancée Blac Chyna. On the debut episode, “Are You Still Texting B#@tches?” Rob and Chyna accuse each other of being unfaithful. Subsequently, Chyna decides to kick Rob out of her house.

The episode opens up with Blac Chyna and Rob going on a hike together. For most of the hiking segment the camera pans off to the one-on-one confessionals, where both Chyna and Rob talk candidly about their unexpected relationship. Chyna explains that she first met Rob at Kendall’s Sweet 16 birthday. However, they didn’t start dating until years later, well after she and Tyga (who is now Rob’s sister Kylie’s boyfriend) called it quits. In confessional, Rob states that Chyna helped him go from being depressed and living in isolation for almost 4 years to being able to go out in public and do what’s best for his own well being.

Next, Chyna and Rob are seen hanging out at Chyna’s house, where Rob is currently living. Rob plays around with Chyna (and Tyga)’s son King, who he says is the cutest kid he has ever seen. He admits that part of why he loves Chyna so much is because of the special relationship she has with her son. Due to the intertwined relationships between family members, Chyna admits that she had a hard time with Rob’s family when she first started dating him. She confessed, “It’s been a long process trying to get along with the Kardashians.”

Scott Disick and Rob hang out together and talk about Rob’s yet-to-be-born first child. Scott asks if he knows the gender of the baby, however, Rob tells him that they haven’t found out yet. Rob admits that he is praying for a boy, as he wants to be able to have the same relationship with his son that he had with his late father Rob Kardashian Sr. Scott pokes fun at Rob, saying that he probably just wants a boy so that he can make sure the Kardashian name lives on. Scott quipped, “Better get a boy. God forbid, no one’s going to remember who Kim Kardashian was.”

Soon after his discussion with Scott, Rob joins Chyna on her trip to the doctors. The young couple anxiously waits as the doctor performs an ultrasound to determine the gender of the baby. The doctor announces that they will be having a girl, which Chyna is clearly excited to hear. Initially, Rob looks a bit disappointed, but later in the confessional, he says he can’t wait to have a daughter.

After finding out the gender of their baby, Rob and Chyna agree that they are going to keep it a secret so that they can think of some creative way to announce the exciting news to everyone. Unfortunately, Rob seems to forget this whole plan, as he almost immediately tells his mother, Kris, that he is going to be having a daughter. Subsequently, Kris drops by Chyna’s house and reveals that she knows the gender of the baby already. Inevitably, this upsets Chyna, and she gets mad at Rob for not being able to keep his mouth shut – even around his mom.

Later that night, Rob hears Chyna’s phone beeping a bunch of times. He tries to open the phone to see who is texting her, however, he is unable to do so because she changed her passcode. Realizing that Rob is trying to access her phone, Chyna gets infuriated and yells at Rob for not trusting her. She exclaims, “Why are you even in my phone? You don’t trust me? That’s real whack.” In the confessional she ranted, “I don’t understand why Rob would think I’m doing anything wrong. I’m four months pregnant. I have two businesses that I’m running…and I literally don’t leave the house.”

The next day Chyna is driving in the car with her friend when she receives a call from Rob. This ends in a huge fight, as Chyna becomes convinced that the only reason Rob thinks that she is cheating is because he is cheating. Soon after their over-the-phone argument, Chyna kicks Rob out of her house, and he goes to stay at his own Calabasas home.

rob kardashians problems with blac chyna 2016

Rob talks to Scott about his fight with Chyna. He tells Scott that he is thinking of keeping his house in Calabasas, as he wants somewhere to go every time Chyna kicks him out of their house (which he claims has already happened several times). Scott tries to comfort him, stating, “[Chyna’s] hormonal. She’s pregnant. If you weren’t to get kicked out, it would be weird.”

Chyna sits down with her long-time nanny, who tries to talk her through her relationship woes. Chyna’s nanny advises her to have a calm talk with Rob and stop going from 0 to 100 every time she encounters even the slightest bit of conflict. Chyna agrees that she has been trying to act stronger than she really is and she needs to let Rob in, especially considering the fact that she is pregnant with his child.

After not being able to find Rob at his place, Chyna goes to his mom Kris’s house to see if he is hanging around there. Unfortunately, Rob isn’t at his mom’s, but Chyna nonetheless has a sit-down chat with Kris. Kris tells Chyna that some of Rob’s issues most likely stem from some underlying depression. Chyna acknowledges this and tells Kris that she will try to be more sensitive to Rob’s feelings.

Lastly, Kris has a sit down with Rob and tries to explain how Chyna is feeling. Rob says that he doesn’t feel ready to go back to Chyna’s place and that he rather focus on himself for a while. Kris tells him to “hang in there.”

Watch more Rob & Chyna next Sunday, September 18 on E!

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Chyna struggles with self-doubt while going on a trip to Cannes. Meanwhile, Scott tries to help Rob overcome some of his personal insecurities.