‘Bring It!’ 323 Wigging Out for the field

bring it 323 wigging out for the field 2016 images

'Bring It!' 323 Wigging Out for the field 2016 images

The Dancing Dolls (DD) took a big hit last week on Bring It when they lost to Memphis in the city vs. city competition. Of course, it upset Dianna, especially because Summer Slam is right around the corner. This week, she and the girls have another difficult routine as they face Xplosive Dance Company (XDC) and their coach Charkeithia out of Dallas, TX at a field show competition in Louisiana.

Dianna is using all the girls, which is the first time she has done that. But as the moms of the new girls say, how can they ever learn if they are not given the chance to show what they can do. It’s a risk to utilize all 30 something of the new dancers so close to Summer Slam because teams have to be invited to the competition. If DD loses, they might not make it.

bring it wigs fly

In the DDP lounge, as the girls learn the first moves of the routine, things blow up with the parents. There is a new set of twins, Angela and Angel, on the team this year. According to the messy moms, they are giving Star and Skye a run for their money. Tina mentions that they look better than Selena’s girls and the mom has had enough of them talking about her babies. The other DDP old heads jump in and verbally attack her and her kids. They may not see it as such, but as an outsider looking it, that’s exactly what they do. From there, Rittany and Tina get in Selena’s face and she can’t take it. There’s yelling and screaming then Selena pulls off Tina’s red wig, throws it across the room and walks out. I say good for her. All she has ever wanted is to fit in with the rest of the moms, and they have never given her any room to do so. I think there might be some jealousy there, but that’s just my two cents. Tina, Mimi and Rittany are wrong.

What’s sad is that it’s beginning to feel like the moms feel they need to act out more for the camera to guarantee screen time. When Bring It! first began, it wasn’t so much trying to be over the top as they are doing now. Every week, it’s a new scenario to keep their screen time going when it should be about the Dancing Dolls. If you start timing the episodes, you see how much screen time they get for their very juvenile antics.

In practice, the new girls work Dianna’s nerves, and it’s making it hard for everyone. The vets would rather just have the old girls on the floor since it’s such a hard week but Dianna wants a huge field show. Wanting the girls to get it and be in sync puts the pressure on all the dancers.

As for the moms, Tamela is disturbed by what happened with the DDPs. She finds Selena outside the window looking in on practice. She encourages her to go back in the lounge regardless of what Rittany, Tina and Mimi have to say. “You cannot let them run you away. You have just a right as anybody. You have two girls in this dollhouse” she tells Selena.

To get them back on the right track, Tamela once again serves as the fixer and sets up a laser tag session for them to enjoy. At first, the moms are not feeling it because they are petty bettys. But after going through the exercise, it relieves stress and lifts spirits. Tina and Selena even make up, kind of. They get past their fight just in time for the competition.

bring it wigging out with diana

The day of the battle, the girls show up ready to fight, but Tina doesn’t. Apparently, laser tag was too much on her new boobies, so she stays home to relax.  I am sure she is with them in spirit.

The field show begins, and all the teams look good, especially XDC. They have a large group for one, and they also have a variety of dancers- cheerleaders, majorettes, and stunts. They give one hell of a show. When the Dancing Dolls hit the floor, there are A LOT of them. The parents are nervous, and so are the new girls. So much so that it shows on their faces as they take formation. However, when they start dancing, all fears fade because they look just as good as the regulars.

Then there is the stand battle. After the first two rounds, DD and XDC make it to the final, and it’s a dance off to the finish. I mean both teams give their all, but I actually think that XDC brings it harder than the Dancing Dolls.

In the end, the judges give Dianna and her girls first place in both the creative and stand battle categories. Charkeitha is pissed and believes her team was cheated. Naturally, Dianna is very pleased.

It’s a great comeback for DD and boosts their confidence about Summer Slam. We shall see what happens next week.