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Bring It!

‘Bring It!’ 317 Compton call out grudge match

This week on Bring It, the Dancing Dolls go head to head with the Divas of Compton (DOC). Coach Kehli calls Dianna and sets up a rematch since the last time they met

‘Bring It!’ 316 Drag King Neva brings out Diana’s hardcore diva

Diana and her Dancing Dolls deliver full force this week on Bring It. She comes head to head with her biggest opponent- Neva from the Divas of Olive Branch (DOB).

‘Bring It!’ 315 Team Kayla vs Team Diana dance off

The Dancing Dolls are back on Bring It! They kick off their third competition season this summer 16 and have over 42 new girls on the team. Diana likes the fact that they have so many new dancers

‘Bring It!’ 313 Dancing Dolls take Battle Royale in Finale

Dianna and the Dancing Dolls lay it all on the line in the season finale of Bring It! Tensions are high, hopes are high, everything and everybody are just high.

‘Bring It!’ 313 They’re Coming for Us Battle Royale

There is never a dull moment on Bring It. From the parents going back and forth and Dianna getting the girls ready for competition to the teams determined to beat the Dancing Dolls, the pressure is always on.

‘Bring It!’ 309 Flash Mob for Kayla

Miss. D is determined to get the girls back into the number one spot on Bring It! after the Dancing Dolls have lost two weeks in a row in the creative category.

‘Bring It!’ 308 Blow it Up Selena Says Be Nice

This week on Bring It, the girls have their hands full with pom, pom and stand battle categories at the Buck Wild Competition in Greenville, Mississippi.

‘Bring It!’ 305 Rittany’s Revolt on Diana

The parents of DDP stand up to Dianna this week on Bring It! Well, kind of.

‘Bring It!’ 304 Dancing Dolls Homecoming Hell

Dianna ups the stakes to supercharged this week on "Bring It!" The Dancing Dolls have to learn four separate routines for four different performances in one weekend- one for the halftime field show at Alcorn State University

‘Bring It!’ 303 Dancing Dolls Hell Week

The stakes continue to rise for the Dancing Dolls on "Bring It!" and this week, they go up against one of their greatest rivals- the Prancing Tigerettes (PT) out of Memphis.

‘Bring It!’ 302 Buck It Ballerina

The Dancing Dolls have their first official competition of the season on "Bring It!," and the pressure is on for the new girls who don’t seem to be settling in too well.

‘Bring It!’ 301 Straight Outta Jackson

“Bring It!” is back for a third season and as always, Miss D. is all about being the best. This show continues to be a great inspiration.