‘Bring It!’ 315 Team Kayla vs Team Diana dance off

bring it 315 team kayla vs team diana dance off 2016 images

'Bring It!' 315 Team Kayla vs Team Diana dance off 2016 images

The Dancing Dolls are back on Bring It! They kick off their third competition season this summer 16 and have over 42 new girls on the team. Diana likes the fact that they have so many new dancers because it shows the talent in Jackson and it keeps the old girls on their toes.

She has to get her team ready for the official competition season, which starts in 10 weeks. Coach D feels that an old school scrimmage match is the perfect way to get them in tip top shape. She splits the teams in two- Team Diana and Team Kayla. Yep, it’s Doll vs. Doll. Naturally, the two captains are Camryn and Crystianna. The situation is also tough for Selena being that her twins are on opposite sides. She ends up going with Team Kayla because she feels Star needs her more.

bring it 315 dancing dolls dance off

While the girls gear up to prove which team is better, the parents are surprised to see a remolded lounge, and it looks amazing. Also, if you remember at the end of last season, Mimi and Tina got plastic surgery. They show off their new bodies, and they look great. Later after the parents split into two to support their daughters, JJ, Star and Sky’s father, joins Team Diana’s parents in the lounge. His energy is on 100 and Rittany is not feeling it. I mean she can barely stand Selena so dealing with her ex-husband is even worse. But JJ dismisses her negativity and keeps it light, fun and crazy.

In Kayla’s camp, Camryn serves as captain and assistant coach to Kayla. This is a great chance for her to rise to the occasion, as everyone involved has to “step up, put up or shut up.” These kinds of opportunities are what young girls need on a daily basis in a positive, yet competitive environment. As Camryn does her best to do her part, Kayla struggles a bit being that she doesn’t have as much experience as Ms. D and has to train 15 new girls along the way.

One of the interesting things this week is that the twins, Star and Sky, get a chance to finally show what they have. On each team, they have solos. It looks like this season could be focusing on them a little more which is awesome because Diana is always so hard on them. They need the opportunity to grow, and Star likes the environment with Kayla and Camryn. It’s drama free, and she excels.

As you know, the moms are always looking to “help.” Tina lends her stepping expertise to her daughter’s routine. While Kayla feels it’s a little late to be adding stuff, she allows it because everyone is so excited. They work into the night and at the end of their final practice, she feels sure that her team will come out on top.

It’s the day of competition, and Diana has gone all out. There is a venue, an announcer, and even judges. One of which is Tyrus, Ms. D’s rival coach that she actually considers a friend. And you know he delivers on every level. Kayla and Diana also have the “traditional” coaches run-in outside. There is no drama between them, but they talk trash per usual.

After their respective pep talks, the battle between Team Diana and Team Kayla commence as the girls take the floor. Kayla knows that she and her crew are the underdogs, but you know how those stories go. That means nothing.

The first stand battle starts with Team Diana leading the way. Coach D can see from the outset that Crystianna means business. On the other side of the gym, Camryn mentions that she can barely tell the difference between the old girls and new girls, and when it comes time for Sky’s spotlight, Selena is shocked to see her baby doing a solo. Kayla’s team does their routine, and the judges decide that Team Diana is the winner.

During the second round, Team Kayla brings out their new step moves, which they nail. They look good, but Diana notices that Kayla isn’t using all of the girls, which was one of the purposes of the scrimmage. In her view, how can you get them ready if you don’t use them? After both teams perform, the judges give the second round to Kayla.

The final battle is the call out round, and I have to say that Kayla’s team kills it. Her girls are better than Diana’s hands down. Crystianna is a great dancer and at times I think she dances circles around Camryn, but I give it to Team Kayla.

So do the judges. In fact, Kayla and her team win all three call out rounds totally burying Diana. It’s all good though because in Coach D’s view, she wins. They are all her girls, and she knows that she’s taught them well. “There is nothing that we can’t do.”

This is going to be one intense season on Bring It.