Heroes and Zeros: Michelle Obama vs Bill O’Reilly

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This week’s hero is a matchless woman who stole the spotlight during the first night of the DNC, and the zero is Bill O’Reilly.

Hero – Michelle Obama

This woman is more than amazing, and she showed forth all of her awesomeness this week in her speech at the Democratic National Convention. Michelle Obama graced the stage with poise and class and gave a speech that brought down the house. But more than that, she showed why she will go down in history as the baddest first lady to ever live in the white house.

She is this week’s hero because she showed what real girl power looks like and what it means to put things in perspective. Not only is her embracing and endorsing Hillary Clinton, her husband’s one-time political advisory, a major push for the presidential hopeful, but it was what she said that made her speech all the more powerful. She spoke to the things that matter to parents- their children. She touched on the use of social media and how we have the abilities right in our hands to make things happen. And she admonished people everywhere to be vigilant, aware and smart.

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Nobody wants Donald Trump as president, and I am sure that the Obamas are at the top of that list. But she didn’t bash or even mention his name. She so beautifully made references to behaviors and actions on his part that clearly point to the GOP (unbelievable by the way) presidential candidate. What she said had a lot to do with her speechwriter, but ultimately, Michelle has the last word on what comes out of her mouth.

I am going to miss the hell out of the Obama family, and although they’ll be close by in D.C. as they plan to remain in the city after the presidency, their leadership has changed so much in the country and I, for one, wish we could give them another term.

Michelle spoke to our hearts, she spoke to our pasts, and she spoke to our futures. Because of her, so many women believe that they can. She forever and for always will be my hero.

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Zero – Bill O’Reilly

Every time I believe that the right can’t say anything else out of their privileged narrowminded mouths that reek of racism and white supremacy, one of their idiots proves me wrong. The zero this week is Bill O’Reilly, and boy does he look stupid.

Not that he cares. He and a host of other Trump supporters took issue with Michelle Obama mentioning the fact that slaves built the White House. Some say it wasn’t necessary, and others even question whether or not it is true. I mean, who the hell else do you think built that damn house in the 1700’s? They had black folks doing everything else, including nursing white folks children, so what would make you think we weren’t the ones building that thing? But I digress.  This is a snippet of what O’Reilly had to say.

“Slaves did participate in the construction of the white house, in addition to free blacks, white and immigrants who worked on the massive building.  Slaves that worked there were well fed and had decent lodgings hired by the government.”

I’m sorry Bill, is that supposed to mean it’s okay? How do you know that they were “well fed and had decent lodgings?” O’Reilly even says in his segment that the slave’s owners were paid, not the slaves.

So in his white mansplaining, he wants to set the record straight that other people helped in building the “executive mansion” and enslaved black folks weren’t the only ones pounding away. It is just like him and others who believe as he does to make a case that does nothing more than take away from the point that Michelle Obama was trying to make.

The very fact that he would even feel the need to get his researchers to look into what she said speaks to one of the central themes on the right winged agenda. They are always looking for a way to negate others who threatened their incredibly bigoted world.

There was no need for him to “clarify” who built the White House, but yet this is what he does. This is what they all do. His comments not only are unnecessary, but they also show just how ignorant, petty and confrontational he is willing to be.

Bill O’Reilly being a champion, yet again, for everything that is wrong in our racially divided country makes him a big fat zero.