‘Bring It!’ 320 Scholarship Dreams, Dating Nightmares and Mimi gets lucky

bring it 321 scholarship dreams and dating nightmares 2016 images

'Bring It!' 320 Scholarship Dreams, Dating Nightmares and Mimi gets lucky 2016 images

This week on Bring It!, it’s not a regular competition. Five very lucky girls will have the opportunity to show how well they can dance in the bleachers, and one of them will win a full scholarship to a local HBCU (Historically Black College and University). Also the DDP’s play matchmaker to the Selena and Tina, and it’s a wild ride, to say the least.

The Satin Dolls of Mississippi Valley State University has given the Dolls the opportunity to demonstrate that they can be a part of a real college dance line in an exhibition showcase. Majorette dancing at the university level mostly takes place in the bleachers during sporting events. At the end of the competition, one girl will be chosen to be a Satin Doll when they graduate. This is exciting, and I commend Dianna for creating this chance for them. To have a full ride to college and continue dancing is a dream for girls involved in majorette.

Of course, the parents all know that the stakes are high. The girls have to be ready because everything is on the line and dancing in the bleachers is something they haven’t done in a very long time. Dianna gives control of the practice to Arielle. She was the first Dancing Doll to become a Prancing Jaycette at Jackson State University in Mississippi. This is her area of expertise because she knows how to dance on an HBCU majorette line. Needless to say, this stand routine is very different and thus difficult for the Dolls.

After Arielle teaches the first dance stance, it’s not looking good. They are sloppy and all over the place. Plus, an important part of college majorette is constant smiling and they aren’t getting it. To show the girls how serious it is, Dianna has the first round of cuts, instantly. It may only be a showcase but it’s a huge moment for the team and for the girl the wins that scholarship. Dianna doesn’t want to be embarrassed either.

As the moms watch them practice, naturally each wants her girl to win. But Rittany is very vocal. Crystianna is the most deserving out of all the dancers because, according to her, she has put in the time and work. They watch Dianna make cuts and Selena’s twins don’t make it. Star and Sky are devastated. To lighten the mood, Tina decides that the single moms need some love in their lives. She sets up online dating profiles for Mimi and Selena with the hope of finding their perfect matches.

As the showcase nears, Dianna moves the practice to a gym so that they can get a feel for it. The only thing is she doesn’t think they are working hard enough. The moms show up and Dianna puts them in a little room, per usual. While they watch from the side, Tina looks at the dating profiles and sets up a date for Mimi and Selena at the same restaurant but at different tables.

bring it 321 mimi dating

So let’s talk about their dates. Mimi is having a good time and it’s clear she is feeling her match. It reminded me of having that one good date where you just kept smiling after going through a string of bad dates. Hopefully, this one will last for a while.

Selena’s, on the other hand, is hard to watch. She and her date are awkward as hell. I don’t think it’s going to work out for them. Her saving grace was when the good came and she didn’t care about eating princess portions in front of this guy.

The day before the showcase, the girls are back in the stand with capes on and nothing has changed. They still can’t get it together. In particular, they are struggling with taking off and folding their capes, which is a major part of college stand dancing.

Now, back in the DDP room, Dana has been missing in action due to a family emergency and as soon as she walks through the door, Rittany goes in about Faith having issues getting the routine. Dana doesn’t let the comments get to her and goes to look for herself. Rittany is really cocky this episode because she is sure her niece is going to get the scholarship. The day of the competition, she tells the moms that they should be happy no matter what happens. Okay, remember that if Crystianna doesn’t win miss thang.

dancing dolls at hbcu satin dolls

As the showcase begins, whatever the girls weren’t getting in practice they definitively get now. Their energy is high and they are excited even though most of them mess up folding their capes. It’s okay though because it’s all about the dancing.

And that’s exactly what the Dancing Dolls do. Dianna is proud of what she sees in the stand. It’s like she was worried for nothing. After DD dances, the judges make their decision and the final five are: Makahla, Deija, Makya, Crystianna and Camryn. For the record, Camryn already has a full ride to another college so I don’t know if it’s totally fair that she is in the running. But that’s just my two cents.

In the end, Deija wins the scholarship! It’s amazing because she is a new Doll. I am super glad she won because it’s nice to see one of the girls that’s not usually in the spotlight get some shine.

Alright, it’s back to regular competition next week and the Dancing Dolls are ready to continue their reign.