‘Bring It!’ 313 They’re Coming for Us Battle Royale

bring it 313 theyre coming for us battle royale 2016 images

bring it 313 theyre coming for us battle royale 2016 images

There is never a dull moment on Bring It. From the parents going back and forth and Dianna getting the girls ready for the competition to the teams determined to beat the Dancing Dolls, the pressure is always on. And this week, DD does their best to make it to the finals for Battle Royale.

Many of the teams the Dancing Dolls have faced throughout the season are contending for a Battle Royale spot (there are only four available). They include Prancing Tigerettes, The Elite Starz of Nashville, Infamous Dancerettes, the Golden Prancerettes, Xplosive Dance Company and the Purple Diamonds. Surprisingly, Neva and the Divas of Olive Branch withdrew from the competition, and no one knows why. Nonetheless, out of all the teams DD faces this week, Dianna feels that Infamous Dancerettes (ID) is their biggest rivals.

Dianna knows how big the stakes are and decides to create a new stand routine because she wants to hit the judges with something fresh. While the parents understand her reasoning, they don’t think it’s the best time to learn a new stand routine.

As the girls practice, back in the DDP lounge, Mimi is tired of hearing the parents talk about how hard their daughters are working and how much pressure they are facing. From her view, no on has it harder than Camryn who is leading the Dolls and doing the solo. She feels a certain kind of way about their lack of concern for Camryn. So when Dana tries to explain that there is just as much pressure on new girls, Mimi gets up, slaps a cup out of her hand and storms out. Mimi, sit your ass down somewhere throwing a temper tantrum. This is what you wanted. You got it now learn how to deal with it.

In the Dollhouse, Camryn has a hard time with the constant practicing. “I know Miss Dianna wants more from me, but this is a lot.” Dianna senses the pressure is getting to her, so she tells the other girls to support Camryn. Especially since she will be in front of the judges alone. They vow to give it to her no matter what happens during her solo.

Back in the DDP viewing room, Selena does a “rivals pageant” for the moms. She has them dress like a rival coach and mock them. While it is entertaining to parents, I could have done without it. They say it’s to ease the tension, but it’s clear that the parents just needed something to fill their time this episode.

The last practice before the competition is one of the most intense yet. Dianna is not happy with the way they are looking, and Camryn is still having trouble with her solo. At this point, however, the coach is through and says, whatever happens, happens.

Competition day is here, and all of the teams are ready to give it their all. Each soloist has their moment before the judges with only their captain in the room. When it comes time for Camryn, Dianna is overwhelmed at how well she does. And while the judges’ critique mentions her need to be cleaner in her movements, Dianna disagrees. In her view, Camryn nailed it. Now it’s time for the rest of the girls to do their part.

As the teams prepare for the stand battle, Kayla and Dianna run into John (ID’s coach) and Quincy (Prancing Tigerettes coach) and as always, they have a back and forth. They talk about their teams, talk about the competition, same ole, same ole.

Once the coaches’ trash talking session is done, it’s time for the girls to show the judges their best moves. Since only the top four rated teams will advance to the Battle Royale, everyone has to be on their A game. It really is all or nothing.

The Dancing Dolls battle the Infamous Dancerettes, a matchup that Dianna openly welcomes. ID is a great team, and she wants her girls to battle great teams because it sharpens them. All of the teams compete with little to no flaws in their routines making it very hard for the judges.

In the end, the Dancing Dolls claims their spot in the Battle Royale. The three other teams joining them are The Prancing Tigerettes, The Elite Starz of Nashville and The Infamous Dancerettes.

This is going to be one hell of a competition, and it all goes down next week on the season finale of Bring It!