‘The Walking Dead’ 613 Same Boat where Carol & Maggie face themselves

the walking dead 613 carol bound gagged 2016

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The Walking Dead Season 6 ep13 The Same Boat Recap

Memo to “The Walking Dead” hostage takers: Don’t take your victims too lightly. You may end up with “A Maggie and a Carol.”

That could result in you getting your face bashed in, your torso stuck on a pole, and your friends lit on fire.

Not saying that will happen, but it’s possible.

We got to see the flashback at the point Maggie and Carol were taken by the Saviors outside the bunker. A little fuss over Maggie staying behind caused them to be distracted and surrounded.

Carol looked scared to death as soon as they gave up their guns. I know she was afraid for Maggie and the baby, but this was something more. More than her act of being a weakling too.

The women who took Carol and Maggie are formidable. The lone man in the group is the weakest among the group and has been shot by Carol. They’re awaiting a scout team to help them get their man back from Rick and his team.

This group is well organized with military-like codes for using their walkie-talkies.

the walking dead 613 carol bound gagged 2016

Surprisingly, Carol tells her captors about Maggie’s baby. This was risky but it did garner sympathy from at least one of the women holding them. Carol was still acting terrified, even clutching a necklace with a cross she yanked off a Walker.

She lied about faith keeping her going. This was laughed at by Paula, the vicious redhead in charge. The old lady was pretty damn mean too, but was sick with cancer, while the dude of the group was in bad shape from the bullet Carol put in him.

The guy wanted to kill Carol but couldn’t get permission from Paula, so he attacks her which leads to a melee where he gets attacked by Maggie then knocked out by his own group.

While the Savior women are waiting for their scout team, the brunette interrogates Maggie to see where their home base is located. This lady is the worst interrogator ever. She never laid a finger on Mags. Didn’t even threaten her! She told Maggie she had lost a baby in the past, so her compassion ran pretty deep.

Too bad it cost her later on in the episode.

Maggie was told that her group was “not the good guys.” A point that we all have to consider after the last two episodes. To me they are still the good guys. It just looks bad since they went on the offensive with the Saviors. An unprovoked attack is not the same as an unnecessary attack.

Carol didn’t get anywhere with her questions about Negan. Paula told her that they were all Negan. Not true of course, but maybe the Saviors see themselves as one.

The women ask Carol again and again, “What are you so afraid of.” Her terrified act was indeed partly for show, but Carol was truly scared of having to kill yet again. She knew it was coming, and all the murders were catching up with her.

Paula seemed fine with her own personal double-digit kill count.

Carol did connect with Paula as the redhead told the story of losing her family after SHTF. She was forced to stay with her loathsome boss, whom she eventually killed herself.

Carol truly hoped she didn’t have to kill Paula and even told her so, which Paula thought hilarious considering the fact Carol was putting on with the tears and hyperventilation.

We knew it was coming. Carol escapes using the cross to cut herself free. She finds Maggie and they take the gun from the guy who never woke up after being KO’d. He went zombie mode and was used to attack the old lady Savior, but Maggie still had to bash her head in pistol whip style.

Hope the baby didn’t realize all that was going on!

The blockade of Walkers kept C & M hemmed up and led to a showdown with Paula. Unbelievably, Carol lets her escape. Tells her to run!

Then Carol has to kill the brunette whose sympathy for Maggie is gone as she tried to do a C-Section on her right then and there!

Paula should have left when she had the chance. She saw Carol’s act for what it was at the end, when it was too late. Paula was given a free pass by a stone cold assassin and didn’t take it.

So she wound up impaled by a sharp pole just before having her face turned into a pizza buffet by Walkers.

Carol lets her guilt flow out to Maggie as they await the scout team. 18 – 20 is her murder count. She is racked with guilt, even though most of the killings were totally necessary.

She added a few more when she and Maggie locked the scout team Saviors in a room filled with gas and tossed in a lit cigarette. Brutal scene.

Damn ladies!

I figured this episode would be all about Rick and company riding in to save the day. Maybe even meeting Negan in the process.

the walking dead 613 maggie carol survive

Instead we got a treat watching the back and forth between Carol and Paula. Seeing just how tormented Carol is was eye opening.

Seeing just how capable Maggie and Carol are on their own was awesome.

I didn’t underestimate these two ladies. It just seemed like these Savior women had the advantage, when in reality, they chose their hostages poorly. Should have made the swap with Rick when they had the chance.

Rick and company did show up to “save” their friends, but they had already handled their business. Rick had a short conversation with his hostage about Negan that ended with a loud bang and brains on the floor.

This episode took it’s toll on Maggie as well as Carol.

Daryl’s question to Carol at the end was perfect, “You good?”

“No,” she said, without hesitation.

She knows she’s not good mentally after what just happened and is wondering if she’s good in any sense of the word.

We’ll see how these ladies recover next week. And we’ll keep waiting for Negan to show his face.

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