‘Bring It!’ 317 Compton call out grudge match

bring it 317 compton call out grudge match 2016 images

'Bring It!' 317 Compton call out grudge match 2016 images

This week on Bring It, the Dancing Dolls go head to head with the Divas of Compton (DOC). Coach Kehli calls Dianna and sets up a rematch since the last time they met, both teams ended up winning, each taking home first place in one of the two categories.

As always, Dianna is game for the competition and quickly whips the girls into shape. Or at least she tries to. For the second week in a row, the Dolls work Dianna’s nerve because, for whatever reason, they aren’t getting it. There’s no energy in their hip-hop creative dance routine, and it drives her crazy.

While Coach D is losing her mind in practice, Mimi is having a nervous breakdown over Camryn wanting to go on a date with her little boyfriend George. Since she has practice nearly every day, dating is not really in the cards. Well, according to momma. Mimi asks DDP what they think, and while they totally understand where she’s coming from, they tell her to chill a bit. They advise that if she tries to keep her daughter from seeing him, she may rebel. Mimi listens to what they have to say and takes note. She ends up letting Camryn go on the date, but there are “rules and regulations” she has to follow.

Back to the competition. It is imperative to Dianna that they win so she picks the dancers she believes will guarantee a victory during the call out round. To everyone’s surprise, Crystianna is not one of them. Rittany is pissed. In fact, she is so upset that she leaves out of the parents’ lounge and cries.

After practice, she goes into Dianna’s office to talk to her and asks why Crystianna wasn’t chosen. The coach explains that she has been given a chance and hasn’t really nailed the call out round. Dianna stays calm and tells Rittany that her niece will have another four years to show what she has in this area (she’s only in the 8th grade). She’ll be good.

In practice, the Dolls spend so much time on the hip-hop routine that they haven’t had a chance to work on their stand battle routine. This means that they have to be extra attentive because there is only one day before the competition. But the girls are still not getting it. It’s the last day of practice too, so it’s Camryn’s first date night as well. George shows up at the Dollhouse to pick her up for their date. Needless to say, the DDP moms are nice, but they also give him a hard time. He’s not phased by it, though.

It’s the day of competition and the girls head to Louisiana to face DOC. As they get ready to hit the floor, Dianna and Kehli have their “run in” while Coach D is eating some “nachas” (nachos). They go back and forth; Kehli throws shade, and Dianna is upset because she just won’t let her enjoy her nachas.

bring it dancing dolls vs divas of compton grudge match

The hip-hop creative is first. DOC takes the floor, and they are getting it. Even Dianna has to say how good they look. Mimi also mentions that they “Look like a whole different team.” The Dolls are in trouble; especially because the judges seem to really enjoy what DOC did.

Then it’s DD’s turn, and these girls are hype. Plus there are a lot of them. From Kehli’s view, it’s too much and all over the place. But it doesn’t matter because this week’s secret weapon is Dianna’s son Cobe. He’s so cute and so on it.

After the creative, it’s the stand battle. We see from the start that DOC has definitely brought their A game. The first round of stand battle goes to the Dolls. Their energy is high, and the judges love it. The second round goes to the Divas. So that means the call out round is it. But as they get ready, something happens. Camryn twists her ankle, which means someone has to take her place. She chooses Crystianna. Dianna is not too thrilled, but the show must go on.

DOC has a male dancer in the call out round, but it doesn’t shake DD. After four rounds, it’s 2-2. This means that what Crystianna does is the tiebreaker. She goes on the floor and gives it her all, but’s it’s not enough. The judges give it to DOC.

In the end, once again it’s a tie. The Dancing Dolls win creative, and the Divas of Compton win the stand battle. Coach Dianna is beyond pissed. She believes her girls were cheated.

It’s on to the next one and from the trailer, it looks like all hell breaks loose next week.