Week 7 Results My 2015 Fantasy Football Blueprint: Watch Me Turn $100 into $0

week 7 results my fantasy football 2015 images

week 7 results my fantasy football 2015 imagesIf you have been paying close attention to my fantasy football blueprint over the past six weeks, you know it’s been an up and down process. You win some, and you lose some like they say.

Well, week seven was a bit on the flat line side of things. No, my little bankroll isn’t dead, I just basically broke even this past week. I lost .60 to DraftKings’.

I keep reaching for some kind of system that will be good in case I ever, started playing bigger sums of money (don’t count on it). In week seven I played my usual $10 divided among three H2Hs, five GPPs, and a 10x Booster.  All were $1 entry fee except the booster, which was $2.

Take a look below and see how I did. You can tell it was a high scoring week in the NFL overall with my highest score hitting 175.

week 7 wins fantasy football blueprint movie tv tech geeks (1)I had a pretty good lineup on my GPPs that paid off but still only won $2 on each contest. I used Fantasy Labs for all the GPPs and I will have a full review of Fantasy Labs next week as I will have used the service for about one full month.

I was really happy with my head to head matchups. I won 3 / 3 against opponents that I hand picked. They may be experienced vets or even sharks, but they did not show themselves offering multiple head to head contests available. Take a look at my lineups on the H2H games. I used the same players for all H2Hs again this week.

week 7 wins fantasy football blueprint movie tv tech geeks (2)These man on man contests were pretty close, and I got lucky on one as my opponent had Palmer on MNF just like me, with our scores fairly close. He also had Larry Fitzgerald while I had only Palmer left. So it mattered not how Palmer did, but I needed Fitz to have an off game. He did, and I won.

Daily fantasy play is just like the real games. The contests can go either way. I was almost sure I would get overtaken since my rival had two great players left. But all the research in the world won’t stop a receiver from having an off game now and then.

I did mix up my GPP lineups with different players on each lineup. I entered all five lineups in the same contest figuring that was better than spreading them around.

gpp lineup fantasy football blueprint movie tv tech geeksChoosing Gurley along with the Rams defense was a good play, and those two were highly owned so even if they were duds, I was still on par with most other players.

I got lucky with Andrew Luck since he had no choice but throw it a bunch to try and catch up in a beat down versus New Orleans. Lamar Miller really paid off, and I forget where I got that tip since I never would have chosen him on my own thought patterns.

Edelman let me down along with Shady McCoy and Willie Snead. I also only got 10 points out of DeAndre Hopkins. I can’t blame him since his team was getting trounced by Miami. Not much a WR can do when nothing is working for the offense, and his defense couldn’t stop the Phins even for one series.

On to week eight. We can’t dwell on my 60 cents that was ripped from me like a binky from Ryan Mallett.

What’s the plan for this week’s fantasy plays? Hell, I don’t know. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated since it’s clear I don’t know what I’m doing.

I guess step one is to get back on track in my season long league. I somehow lost to a guy who decided to name his team Poopville Sharts and was 2-4 going into the game.

As for my DraftKings plays, I am going with five H2Hs and five GPPs. I will use no emotion at all, no narratives from the big media, and none of my football knowledge (real or imaginary). I will use Fantasy Labs only.

That does not assure me anything though as the creators of the site always say they can’t pick your team for you, and if you don’t know what you’re looking at with the information on their site then, it does you no good.

With all the expert sites available now it leads me to wonder how many ties we will see in head to head matches going forward. If everyone reads the same tips each week, there is bound to be more similarities in lineups. But considering there are nine players on each fantasy team and hundreds of NFLers to choose from each week, lots of ties are not too likely even with many people following the same fantasy advice.

It’s one thing to read articles on matchups and check out spreadsheets everyday. It’s another thing to take that advice to heart and go with it 100% without letting your own judgement get in the way. I know that’s part of my trouble since I can only seem to break even (still better than losing).

This week I’m going to go fantasy robot, though. I will do exactly what Fantasy Labs tells me to do. We’ll check back next week to see if my own mind is the biggest hindrance to my DFS success.

I’m kinda looking forward to NBA fantasy action and even baseball next year. I keep up with very little NBA news and have zero love for baseball. I should be able to stick to numbers only with those sports without letting my biases creep in on who I should put in my lineup.