DraftKings Week 5 NFL Perfect Lineup: lucky pick Tevin Coleman

draftkings week 5 nfl perfect lineup lucky pick tevin coleman 2016 images

DraftKings Week 5 NFL Perfect Lineup: lucky pick Tevin Coleman 2016 images

Week five on DraftKings was not a perfect day for me personally. Yet, I am having some success with an easy technique that is a good long term strategy. I can’t reveal all the details just yet since I don’t want every DFS user on the planet to do the exact same thing I’m doing.

I will say that the technique is simple. And relates to this quote from “Rounders.”

“If you can’t spot the sucker at the table, then you are the sucker.”

So start spotting suckers. Hunt them, in fact.

On to the best lineup possible for daily fantasy football for week five on DraftKings. If you made a profit this week, it’s likely that you had a few of these names on your rosters.

Take a look at the entire roster of perfection (excludes TNF and MNF). Hopefully, the lineup provided by Fantasysportsco.com gives you some insight on how you can improve your DFS chances next week.

draftkings week 5 nfl winning lineup

Biggest Game Check – T.Y. Hilton is a surprise of sorts this week since his Colts are woeful. Yet, that makes him a threat to get big fantasy points each week. Indy will have no choice but to throw the ball 50 times every game, since they will always be playing from behind. This is Hilton’s second appearance on the perfect roster this year.

Space Maker – Who is Cameron Meredith you ask? He’s the beneficiary of Chicago’s receiving corps being banged up. At just $3000, this kid had almost as many catches in this game (9) as he did in all of 2015 (11). His price for week six has jumped to $4100, and he will be a good pickup in season long leagues as well.

Stacks on Stacks – The Steelers were destined to rack up points versus the Jets. It took longer than expected, but Roethlisberger did deliver the goods. He and Sammie Coates stacked their efforts to total nearly 70 DK points. Coates dropped one pass on the goal line that would have made this stack even more lethal.

tevin coleman proving lucky for draftkings picks

Lucky Pick – I love what Tevin Coleman is doing this year for my Atlanta Falcons. But doing what he did versus the Denver Broncos was no sure thing. Going into Mile High against a ferocious defense is not easy for any running back. This game was one that most expected the high-powered Atlanta offense to sputter. Didn’t happen. Coleman was up to the task, in reality and in DFS play. At $4100, dude was a clearance level bargain.

Defense wins $$ – Buffalo got two picks and four sacks versus the Rams. The pick-six separated the Bills from the second best defensive DraftKings performance. It’s a good idea to pick the defense that’s facing the L.A. Gurleys each week, with their one-dimensional offense.

Sure Thing plus a Value Pick – Amari Cooper had been in a bit of a fantasy slump, not scoring a TD in 2016. But the Chargers are excellent slump-busters. Cooper made it look easy on Sunday, racking 23 yards per catch and finding the endzone on a 64-yard bomb from David Carr.

The value pick was Martellus Bennett. Getting 30 points from a guy that cost just $3700 goes a long way toward cashing at the DFS window. Gronk made some big plays in Brady’s return, but that doesn’t mean Bennett will play second fiddle once Gronk is 100 percent. We’ve seen the Pats use two tight ends effectively in the past before they lost one of them to prison.

Bonus info: Listening to the talking heads will get you beat in daily fantasy football. They love to talk. It’s what they get paid to do. And making a big deal about Tom Brady’s revenge-fueled return being the reason for a monster performance was ridiculous.

Brady works as hard as any player in the NFL, has the best coach, and more experience than any other QB. Those factors and his pitiful opponent, Cleveland, were reasons to roster the guy in week five. Not because he was upset at Roger Goodell.

DeflateGate did not make the Browns be down to their fifth quarterback. Nor did the suspension cause Cleveland to have the 26th ranked passing defense.

Use facts to build a perfect DraftKings lineup. Not entertaining narratives from the blowhards on your big screen.