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‘Supernatural’: 300 episodes is no longer an option

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Ending Supernatural at episode 300 is no longer an option, at least as far as Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are concerned. The show will keep going past the 300th episodes as long as fans love it and as long as the cast and crew love making it.

“Jared and I talked and we’re going to just keep going… He and I, we talk about getting to episode 300 and that’s just another milestone… and then when we get there, we’ll keep going and see what the next milestone is. One of the many reasons we’ve managed to get to where we are is, I don’t think we really set parameters or limits or any obstacles. It’s just like, ‘Let’s keep our heads down and let’s just do the best work that we can and hopefully, people will continue to watch and we can keep telling these stories.”

 — Jensen Ackles, interview with Variety

That’s very good news for the millions of Supernatural fans all over the world who fill up the Facebook forums and practically own Tumblr; fans from the US and as well as from other territories who complain that they’re not even on Season 10 yet. The fandom has grown so much and remains underestimated among other fandoms and from this, the cast and crew aim to give back all that love by carrying on.

“As long as ratings stay stable, and they want to do the show, and I’m still in the chair, I’m going to be their biggest supporter to continue… I think ‘Supernatural’ is going to be around in some form long after I move off this chair, and the best thing I can do for the guys, and for the studio, and for the showrunners is basically make sure we don’t mess them up.”

 — Mark Pedowitz, CW president

Supernatural has basically taken a life of its own. It even gave life to all the shows it was paired with like Vampire Diaries, Arrow and The Flash. But there was a time when the cast and crew had plenty of uncertainty with the show’s future. The show’s previous home The WB announced that the network was going to be discontinued. Will Supernatural be rolled into The CW? Popular enough, it was. But then, it changed schedules until it was put into the Friday Night Death Slot because on Fridays, most people are out partying or sleeping early preparing for weekend trips.

“It’s generally where shows go to die, and we stayed there and not only did we not die, we actually survived and somewhat thrived… And then I think when Mark came in and took over for Dawn, he looked at the numbers and looked at what was working and said, ‘Why is this show on Friday nights? Not only is it working there, let’s give it some prime real estate and see how much better it can be.’”

— Jensen Ackles

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Imagine Supernatural did even better than the original Star Trek. The show was later shifted to follow Arrow and thanks to Netflix, Supernatural increased its following as people caught up binge-watching through earlier seasons. Then there’s social media. Jensen and Jared finally felt like they had job security and are now enjoying the love of a fandom large enough to belong to the world’s top ten.

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“I would much rather have our devoted fan base than 20 million people just casually watching…The word of mouth has been a huge part of Supernatural,”

— Jared Padalecki

“…The fact that Mark says that we’ll keep going as long as we’re happy… I don’t even know how to qualify that. It’s awesome, especially when it has to do with a program that I’m so proud of and a story that I still enjoy telling and a character that I still love playing.”

— Jensen Ackles

So watch out. Season 12 is coming. If it works, with the help of Lucifer, Mary Winchester and Lady Toni, there’s hope for Season 13 up to episode 300. For many fans of the show 300 is not an option. This is Supernatural. They escaped Death on Friday and killed him in Season 10. For all intents and purposes, the show is immortal.

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More Supernatural Monsters and Loose Ends

Supernatural is gearing up for Season 12 and wants to go on past 300 episodes. Despite 11 seasons, the brothers still have plenty of monsters to gank, gods to piss off and demons to send back to hell. There are basically hundreds of mythological beings all over the world that the brothers haven’t faced yet and some loose ends to tie up.

Below are some monsters they haven’t fought yet including some popular ones:

  • Gorgon – the show can do a re-imagining of a Medusa-like monster that turns their victims to stone and takes their souls.
  • Living mummy – except for the shapeshifter that turned into classic Hollywood monsters, the brothers have yet to deal with a reanimated Egyptian mummy.
  • Lamia – though mentioned by Bobby, the brothers haven’t faced one yet
  • Sirens – not the imaginary friend type of mermaid but the type that lures sailors to their doom.
  • Cursed Doll – like Chucky or Annabelle
  • Manananggal or Penanggalan – this would provide a challenge for the effects guys as this monster has to split in two. The torso that flies and the lower half that can walk. The US has a large community of Filipino migrants, and one could have flown in.
  • Onryo – a ghost that operates the same way as in The Grudge films
  • Gremlins – little imps that destroy machinery and the people that own them. Something for Baby to deal with.
  • Succubus/Incubus – sex spirits that suck the life force from their partners.
  • Chinese Vampire – the type that jumps that can only be stopped by a paper talisman. The boys might encounter one in an adventure in Chinatown.
  • Cailleach – Irish witch that controls the weather.
  • Harpy – a well-known monster from Greek mythology which is a female human-bird hybrid.
  • Myling or Tiyanak – ghosts of unbaptized babies. The boys could investigate a haunted abortion clinic in order to save the family of a crooked abortionist.
  • Headless – a headless ghost that decapitates its victims similar to Sleepy Hollow’s headless horseman. The brothers need to find the severed head or skull to destroy it.
  • Shinigami – the death of “Death” results in the aggression of the Shinigami, enemies of the reapers that keep souls stuck on Earth resulting in more angry spirits.
  • Tiktik – Filipino creature that preys on pregnant women. Once shown in an episode of Grimm but with a Supernatural twist.
  • Redcaps – evil fairy creatures disguised as motel owners, they drain the blood of patrons including hunters.
  • Kraken – one season’s big bad?

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Some loose ends include:

  • The true purpose of dogs not revealed in Dog Dean Afternoon.
  • Is Death really dead?
  • Will the Indian goddess Kali return as she has a beef with Lucifer at large?
  • Can the brothers construct another Devil’s gate? If Colt did it once…
  • Can the deceased John Winchester make another appearance?
  • Is Eve, the Mother of All truly dead?
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