draftkings perfect nfl lineup week 3 with trevor siemian 2016 images

Draftkings Perfect NFL Lineup Week 3 with Trevor Siemian

You all had Denver’s Trevor Siemian as your daily fantasy football quarterback right? Why not? Just because his receivers had complained about not getting the ball, on a 2-0 team at the time
Fantasy Football Week 4 Panic 2016 nfl images

Fantasy Football Week 4 NFL Panic

There’s a lot of football left to play in the real NFL season, but that’s not really the case in fantasy football land. Three games doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s nearly 19 percent of the real world season.
DraftKings Perfect Lineup Recap NFL Week 2 2016 images

DraftKings Perfect Lineup Recap NFL Week 2

With two games worth of fantasy data, week three has to be easier right? Time will tell, but it does help to have more game minutes under our collective belts so we can start to rely on steady studs
DraftKings Perfect Lineup Recap NFL Week 1 2016 images

DraftKings Perfect Fantasy Football Lineup Recap NFL Week 1

How can you tell if you blew it on DraftKings after week one in the NFL? You’re logging into Paypal right now to add some funds so you can play in week two.

The one Fantasy Football Skill you must hone

Here’s how most guys approach fantasy football. Watch ESPN to see that what the “experts” say. Read endless blogs and copy / paste picks from stat nerds.
fantasy football week 1 defense starts 2016

Buffalo Bills, New York Giants Top Week One Fantasy Football Defense Starts

If you’re like me, you completely forgot to draft a defense in one of your fantasy football leagues. D/ST is one of the most important positions in fantasy football.
dwayne allen tyler boyd among week one waiver wire options 2016 images

Dwayne Allen, Tyler Boyd Among Week One Waiver Wire Options

Not everyone can have a great fantasy football draft. Maybe you got a bad position or forgot that Tom Brady is suspended for the first four games.
5 Fantasy Football Tight Ends to Avoid in 2016 nfl images

5 Fantasy Football Tight Ends to Avoid in 2016

If you don’t have the tight end who enjoys life as much as he does mashing safeties into the turf, then you do not have a sure thing at the position.
5 Fantasy Football Defenses - Special Teams to Avoid 2016 images

5 Fantasy Football Defenses – Special Teams to Avoid

If you know anything about fantasy football, you know you have to be flexible with your defense / special teams. You can’t waste a high draft choice on a D/ST. Most of us hold off until the late fantasy rounds
6 Fantasy Wide Receivers to Avoid 2016 images

6 Fantasy Football Wide Receivers to Avoid

Things can go bad when you’re locked into the wrong wide receiver on your fantasy football team. It can go almost as bad as a quarterback locking in on one wideout too much, resulting in a shameful pick-six.

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