6 Fantasy Football Wide Receivers to Avoid

6 Fantasy Wide Receivers to Avoid 2016 images

6 Fantasy Football Wide Receivers to Avoid 2016 images

Things can go bad when you’re locked into the wrong wide receiver on your fantasy football team. It can go almost as bad as a quarterback locking in on one wideout too much, resulting in a shameful pick-six.

Or it can be even worse. Draft poorly in the WR department and you could end up like a quarterback being berated on the sideline by the diva pass catcher who isn’t getting enough targets.

To keep you from falling on your fantasy football face, I’m keeping the momentum up from my series of fantasy players to avoid. We’ve covered QBs and RBs to stay away from on draft night, so now we have to tackle the wide receiver position.

There are some good names on this list, so don’t freak out. I have logical reasons why you should avoid making them your number one wideout.

The temptation is gonna be there on draft night. Just show some self-control and get a guy that won’t cause you to drop four fantasy matchups in a row to start the season.

Here’re six great (some once great) receivers that you should let fall to one of your fantasy opponents. You’ll be glad you didn’t waste a pick on them when your fantasy playoffs start.

dez bryant fantasy wide receiver avoid

– Dez Bryant. This man is always super confident. He was quoted as saying he “felt unstoppable” just last week. That has changed now that Tony Romo’s back got ran through a preseason blender and will miss half the season. Dak Prescott may impress as a rookie. However, he is still a rookie. And some of Dez’s touchdowns that would have come from Romo are going to turn into INTs tossed by the inexperienced Prescott. Dez is a force at wideout, but losing his veteran quarterback is like making him play with one arm tied behind him.

Demaryius Thomas fantasy wide receiver to avoid

– Demaryius Thomas.  In 2015, Thomas ended the fantasy year as the 13th best fantasy wideout. While he didn’t have great quarterback play last year, 2016 will be even more erratic in Denver. It looks like Thomas will have to struggle through at least part of the year with Trevor Siemian trying to take over the passing duties. Siemian has a total of -1 yard as an NFL quarterback, with no pass attempts yet.

randall cobb fantasy wide receivers to avoid

– Randall Cobb. In 2015, James Jones showed that anyone with a pulse can be made to look like a Pro Bowler by Aaron Rodgers. Another example was Jeff Janis in the playoffs. Randall Cobb has the potential to be a fantasy stud in 2016. He is explosive and was a top six WR in fantasy land back in 2014. But he struggled mightily with nagging injuries last year and Rodgers is just too good at spreading the ball around. Not to mention that Jordy Nelson is back and will eat up a lot of targets once he shakes the rust.

sammy watkins fantasy wide receivers to avoid

– Sammy Watkins. Everybody loves a speedy receiver that can score from the parking lot. But on a week by week basis, speed demons like Watkins can cause you to slip out of fantasy playoff contention. He may go for three touchdowns one week, then disappear for a couple weeks altogether. Inconsistency at WR won’t work in season long leagues. His 2015 fantasy low point totals of 3.9 (twice), 1.4, and 8.4 show how vulnerable he can make your lineup.

josh gordon fantasy wide receivers to avoid

– Josh Gordon. It seems like two decades have passed since Gordon led the league in receiving. Bernie Kosar could have been his quarterback for all we know after all this time and all his failed drug tests. You would have to be the most optimistic fantasy GM in history to think Gordon will pick up anywhere near where he left off in 2013. Those nine touchdowns and 1646 yards were pissed away, literally.

john brown fantasy wide receivers to avoid

– John Brown. The slick little wideout in Arizona is a perfect pick for daily fantasy when you’re trying to win a big pot among 100,000 other DFS players. But he is not consistent enough to draft for your season long league. And he seems to have a serious issue with lingering concussions. Mix that with Carson Palmer’s bruised ego after Carolina ripped his manhood in last year’s playoffs, and you’ll see it’s best to find a steadier pick at wideout.

None of the six guys above are necessarily bad picks. They are just too risky, due to their own inconsistencies or the issues with the guy that has to get them the ball.

Use your own judgement, but you have been warned.

**Ignore that part about using your own judgement. We see how that’s worked out in previous fantasy football campaigns.